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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Morning Bray Farm rocks.................

Don and Justina are a fabulously friendly, warm and welcoming couple. They introduced us to Da Boyz (donkeys), the kids (their dogs), the goats and the ducks and made us feel like old friends right away. We had a blast.
Don and Justina looking at themselves as King Oberon and Queen Titania
 Ry and Gerea just couldn't get enough of the long ears and even got to go for a ride on Big Red.

GK had let me know that she was dreaming about someday being able to get to ride Ellsworth and today her dream became a reality. We were all surprised at the generosity of  Morning Bray offering the ride. She looked so good riding and Ellsworth's Mom, Justina told GK she looked like a natural in the saddle. As is the case with our beautiful girl, the animals just took to her. She had an instant friend in Ellsworth and Fergus. Kisses, brushing, scratching and loving them just looked like what she does everyday. It was a wonderful thing.
Ry has come a million miles in his trust and faith in things. Just this last week he touched goats for the first time and today he touched all the donks, rode on Ellsworth, fed Da Boys watermelon and brushed Fergus, made himself at home with the goats (they didn't much care for it but he was oblivious) and went about building a most interesting teepee out of sticks in the front yard while the ducks kept their eye on him. He really took to Don and wanted to help him do everything. Told Don he wanted to grow up to be  a farmer.
Those of you who don't follow MBF need to know that Bernard is quite a huge goober and has quite a personality but today well he wasn't really accepting (except a Paco treat) of something else smaller than him in the coral and just wouldn't have a thing to do with any of us. Ellsworth is a gentle soul, Patrick is new to the bunch and still adjusting, Fergus and Nigel have only been at MBF since September. Nigel's still is a little standoffish although he did allow Ry to give him watermelon and GK to touch him everso briefly,  but Fergus couldn't get enough of Shelley or Gerea. At one point Fergus and Ellsworth made a Shelley sandwich, too cute.
We had a wonderful morning, a dream come true for some of us and a welcome visit for others. Don't you just love making new friends? It's one of those special moments in time.
Da Boyz and Mom reassuring them, they are good boyz

Thanks Don and Justina and Happy MidSummers Night Dream to you. smooches and squeezes to Da Boys.


  1. Oh, Linda! What a perfect story! Almost like a fairytale! I never touched a donkey in my life :-( They look beautiful for sure and look at those eyes!
    Heey, i'm still waiting for GK fairy drawing ;-)

  2. Love the pictures, Such a great adventure for you all. It is indeed nice to know there are such wonderful people in t his world. The donkeys are beautiful animals.

  3. These are beautiful pictures. I wish there was a donkey farm around these parts so I could go pet a few. They're such darling animals. The kids look like they were having one of those times that they'll be talking about for a good long while.

  4. Don and Justina are just the sweetest gifts to the lives of those precious donkeys. Thank the gods there are people like that in the world.

    I believe you have an "Animal Whisperer" in your midst. GK seems to truly have the gift of trust and acceptance in four legged creatures. Not only beautiful, but so needed on our world today. Amazing girl.

    Ry is too cute for words, Miss Linda. I see him on that donkey, hear him in my mind as he states his plan to be a farmer and I just want to hold him against me and kiss his adorable face. How wonderful that he is coming out in so many ways.

    My best wishes to you!

  5. What a fun day and so good for the kids.


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