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Friday, June 17, 2011

Ms.Crone found............

As you may have noticed, I, Ms. Priscilla Winifred Hortencia Baggs, have been absent from my reporter responsibilities as of late. I shall now tell you of my terrible tale of woe and torment.

I am a good employee. I try not to put pressure on my employer as to the state of the office but from time to time....well I must say it does get a bit much. The drawings and projects and busy work on something called Etsy and Facebook (although I still cannot figure out where to put one's face on what book) are all taking over the presentation of a quality gazette, if you get my drift. So in the mayhem that ensues here...kids, dogs, cat, Linda, the snoring man and "the rules" woman also known as the MOM, these lovely folks lost me.

I mean really. How can one just misplace another one? Answer me that one Riddler. No one had seen my sweet self in something like weeks....no lunches, no assignments, no fun, no terror at the hands of block sets and dinosaurs and rabid monkeys. There were no special assignments like the park, the mountains, the museums and haunts of the members of Casa de Cuckoo....they just lost me.

Tossed aside like a carved wooden figure with over sized.....er feet. You know my employer has been trying to "organize" her life and in the process has lost her mind. But we found that yesterday as well in the dustbin. I was in hell in a box with the "things" for selling on Etsy. Of all the nerve! I don't look anything like jewelry bits or crockery or dolls (oh maybe that's how it happened, but never mind).

When I threatened my employer that I might have to quit if things didn't get any better around here....she just laughed and said I was going to get another trainee. Can you believe her gaul? First she loses me and now I have to train someone else? And I got a look at the new employee....sheesh....

More to follow next Friday.

On a more positive note....there is a bit of excitement on LindaOma'sOldeBaggsnStuftShirts tomorrow, you might want to take a look at the Mad Tea....that they filmed sans moi.


  1. Well really, you just can't get the employers these days!

  2. I can not believe they lost you, it has to be a mad house there. I don't know how any work gets done under those conditions. Now would be the time to push for that big raise.

  3. Oh Ms. Priscilla Winifred Hortencia Baggs, I am so sorry that you were lost in the Etsy bin. I am sure it was an honest mistake what with the whirlwind of life, headaches, crafting, commercial making, organizing, family and friends and social media occurring in your boss's life. But as Ms. Maddyrose said, there's always asking for a raise. ;-)


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