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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

We went junking the other day and took Ms. Crone with us.

a present for Ry
She has been a little difficult to deal with as of late so the pictures and reporting have been put on the back burner. She has developed a bit of an attitude. It must have been the fact that she wasn't invited to the Royal Wedding. Or maybe it's the laziness of the office staff.

You know how old woman get. Or maybe you don't. Now there's a developing story line.
a present for Shelley
Really it has been kinda crappy when it comes to weather as well. It's hard on an old body and joints to get out when the cold has returned. Ms. Crone has taken to sitting with SJ Bunnyfur for warmth and even started that hot tea drinking again. You'd think it was 45 degrees....oh yeah it was this morning.
Ms. Crone at the sign up table for the Oscar Foundation.
Anyway between the charity sale for the Oscar Foundation (a pet physical therapy foundation) and the junking she was completely worn out and has gone home for the day.


  1. Try not to be too hard on the old girl. At least she's not really mouthy. ;-)

  2. She is a darling old gal! I would love to have tea with her, I bet she can cuzz like a sailor LOL

  3. I think she's adorable and full of personality.

    Today is Cinco de Mayo and it sounds like a fun day full of celebrations for you - enjoy and have a margarita for me - Ole!

  4. I don't blame her for copping an attitude if the weather there is a crappy as it's been here. We got a taste of nice weather last Sunday but it was only a small taste. It's back to dark, dreary and damp. Bring on the Earl Gray.

  5. Looks like she got around quite a bit anyway ;o)

  6. Your lady is very fun and quirky. Beautiful and whimsical artwork.


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