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Friday, May 6, 2011

And here's the proof you need to see how lazy the staff has gotten

We have moved on to warmer days since these pictures were taken but my office assistants simply love to warm chairs and curl up while I do my Etsy thing, my Ebay thing, my waste time on the Blogosphere thing. They always want to be where I am.

When I make the move to the "arting" area....it's like a little parade of critters following me. We then turn on the fish light, and settle ourselves into the atmosphere of the change of venue.

They weigh the same and are about the same size
saying goodbye to Shelley
Don't you love me best, I've been here the longest?????????
King of the office
So here are some pictures of the critters.

I hope you have a lovely weekend.


  1. Aw, your kitty give affectionate headbutts too? That's how Molly (our older kitty) wakes me up most mornings. :)

  2. Good looking kittles! The Schmoodle loves to headbutt too. XO

  3. I love these animals. Don't they just know how to pose? My son's on vacation in Michigan and every night I've been sending him a picture of Minga, and every night she has a different pose.

  4. Thank you and your pets are adorable...I just love furbabies ;-)

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend as well and a very happy Mother's Day!

  5. They are both SO darling, Linda...I love snuggle bunnies like your babies and I love the way they share the same space. Although, your "king" naturally is on top where all felines think they should be ;)

  6. Omalinda - this morning I found a little package that must have arrived sometime in December??? It has a little box with the cutest little guy inside...Said it came from your place...For whatever reason, thank you very much...

    Read your comment over at Cogent Ascending...so like the way you think...

  7. I love cats, but unfortunately, the SM and the Chihuahua critters don't. We have a couple of feral cats in the 'hood, and they come over when I'm outside so I can love on them...they're babies!! Pinchi dogs go crazy and scare them away!!

    Wish I had a cat...yours reminds me of my Tomas Gato who, I swear, had been a human in another life, even though the laws of reincarnation make that impossible, but he was so "aware" of things...except for pooing on the threshold of our front door when we went out of town...great welcome as we entered!!!


  8. yes, my Emma has to lay on whatever it is I'm doing.

  9. Your critters are a delight. I envy you your furry kiddies. Alas, this old bag has terrible allergies and can not live with our four legged friends under the same roof. I'm even starting to develope an allergy for my own off spring. :0)

  10. What delightful photos of the staff! Well they may be lazy but they certainly are adorable and cuddly. Not a bad trade off, I'd say. ;-)

  11. oops, think I lost my post (darn) If I didn't ignore this. Just said I hope you have a pampered Mother's Day. I think your critters are all adorable.


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