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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Okay let's try this again....shall we?

I had these thoughts posted last Wedneday night and had saved them to post on Thursday....you know the day that Blogger died. The great Blogger crash of '11.

I have been slightly petulant and not gone to all the trouble to repost until today...just because that is how I am. Ms. Crone accompanied GK and I on our hookey day and I'll share the posting of the lunch time activities and then on Friday Ms. Crone can file her report on the visit to the Chiropractors office. Very interesting photography in that one.

Shelley since before she got back here from South Carolina has had a job with her friends Mick and Shannon who own Mick's Chile Fix. She has known them since their son and GK were in Kindergarten together. So that, when she was coming back to NM, they had a job waiting for her. The hours work out so well because the restaurant is open for breakfast and lunch only and she is usually home before the kids get home from school.

And because she is good at what she does, she is doing well. So on the hookey day we went to lunch to see Shelley in action. She works really hard was a comment that GK made. I think it's good for her to see that it isn't easy to make a living. Bonus for the life experience part of the day.

Mick's is known for his low price, great taste, good portion and fast service. The restaurant (diner) is located in a commercial part of town and they have loyal customers and regulars that come in. The menu is varied and the most expensive item on the menu is 8.95.

They make a great green chile cheeseburger, red chile enchilada plate and real potato fries, all made fresh every day. The huevos rancheros are mmmm mmmmm good. And I have never seen bigger pancakes in my life, they are as big as the dinner plate it is served on.

Had a great lunch and got to include both GK and Ms. Crone in the photos....I forgot to take pictures of lunch though...I guess I was hungry.


  1. Am adding this to the places to try the next time we're in town. Mrs. Crone seems to know all the good places to go.

    Hope Shelley's trip to SC worked out well.

    word vert: sucke (seriously!) It truly sucke-d when Blogger went haywire--I had some great comments to post.

  2. yummmm green chile burgers sound really good!

  3. What? No gratuitous food shots? Shame on you. You'll just have to go back for another meal now ;o)

  4. What a fabulous lunch experience. GK is a very special little lady. Not many children take the time to notice and appreciate the efforts of their parents. As I've said before...an old soul.


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