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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Moving out my houseplants, snow and hummingbirds..................

Let me first say, I am sorry that you in the middle part of the country and eastward from NM will be getting another batch of windy wet weather in the next few days. There is so much flooding east of here and we are in drought conditions.....somehow it just doesn't ever make sense, does it?
Knowing that traditionally and according to the Farmer's Almanac the last winter weather we have here is 28 April, I moved my ephiphytes and succulents out onto the front porch yesterday morning. The sun was shining and all was calm. The crazy night blooming cereus grew so leggy this year and has like octopus arms flailing all over. So I thought I would give them all "shave and a haircut" in the afternoon. Well that didn't happen.

Yesterday noon, terrible winds, storm clouds and early dismissal day from school. I drove down to get the kids and it was raining first, then hailing and then snowing. Thought for sure that I would have soggy kids when the bus arrived but the bus was late and the kids just missed the worst part of it. As they got off the bus, no moisture. We only have a short trip home but by that time it was snowing again. Weird. Didn't last long but just enough for me to fret over my plants.

About an hour later the sky cleared and then the ugly wind was back. I went outside to get some things from the car and I heard my little buddies up in the big pine tree out front. Squeaking kind of noise. The hummers have returned from their over wintering southern travels and I fixed their magick elixir this morning. Unfortunately, it is blowing like a son of a gun again. I know I should brave the wind and get out there and feed the little guys. They just finished a very long flight from Mexico and Central America and I'm sure they are hungry but I can't climb the ladder alone and will need to wait until Shel gets home to attempt the high wire act.

Hold on little ones, Oma will feed you soon. And for goodness sakes.......please no more hail to assault the flora and fauna.


  1. Our hummingbirds have returned too! I have the feeder already out and watch them buzzing around, it's awesome!

  2. I thought our weather was crazy... but yours wins that contest. Snowing in May in NM??? Oh my goodness. I hope your plants all survived well. How sweet that your hang all the feeders for those darling birds. You are such an earth mother. Have a fabulous week, my friend.


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