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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Spend off day, hookie day, AWOL.....

The names in this tale of deceit and conivery (yeah I know it's not a word) have been changed to protect the guilty.

When someone to whom I am related was a younger child. That person used to love to frequent certain retail establishments....we that person did not have a choice since I was driving and that person was a baby, toddler, and then young child. Today that person spent the day AWOL from school and I took that person to the chiropractor's office where Dr. Fuzzy face practices bone cracking, joke cracking and has accused me of having imaginary friends on the computer. He just loves that person and has ever since he did an adjustment on that persons neck after that person was pulled from the Mommy with what can be compared to salad tongs. The Mommy has a great fear of salad tongs for that very reason.

This person went into the session with Dr. Fuzzy Face and I took care of Ms. Crone and her story and photos. Which I don't know if I will share all of the "strange angle" photos said person took of me but we'll see what Friday brings.

After the adjustment we were off to T.J. Maxx's for the Hawaiian coffee Sweet Man craves, then to lunch where Mommy works, and to the woo woo store Blue Eagle for candles, incense and coolest bumper stickers, seer stone and buttons. (You almost don't suck, and Damn, I forgot to lock the portal to the Netherworld.)

From there we were off to the fruit market where said person regaled me with all kinds of memories from the toddler stage in this place. It's funny, I am a smell memory person too. The fruit market and the produce we purchased all were based on happy memories of being a little kid for this person.

After purchasing blackberries, strawberries, rhubarb and some inconsequential green things, we went to Michael's to see what manner of wonder we could find to confound our collective minds.

It has been a long time since we have had a day together like this....it was Kismet.


  1. oh I wish I lived near you! that sounds like a wonderful day, can't wait for the pictures!!

  2. LOL! Oh what a delightful post. I am so glad you and...said person...had such a wonderful day together. Dr. Fuzzy Face sounds like a hoot and if you ever need me to vouch that your computer friends are not imaginary (and probably also in need of some bone cracking), you just say the word. ;-) I wish we had a good woo woo store here in the buckle of the bible belt. I am usually forced to shop online for all of my goodies, which can certainly be a lot of fun, but nothing can compare to the browsing and touching of magical items. My hugs to you and your...said person.

  3. That sounds like a fab day. I want to come visit and have a day like that :oD


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