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Friday, May 20, 2011

200 posts and a butt shot

Editors note: I never expected for this blog to be used for anything but a bitch and moan meme but I can't stay upset for too long (with the exception of one particular group located in the Palmetto state) and this has turned out to be sorta fun. So here we are 200+ posts later.

I also must point out that this morning, out of the clear blue sky, came this post, back from the never, neverland of the day Blogger died. Found it in my drafts.....hmmmmmmmm. So as I post this it may look like I posted on oh, I don't know what date...let's see.

Ms. Baggs here. I should like to tell you of my newest and to date most interesting adventure with the staff of the Gazette.
We went to interview a Dr. of Chiropractic Medicine. Upon introduction to said Dr. I had some serious doubts as to his credentials but Dr. Fuzzyface (so named by our photog cub when she was 18 months old) did prove to be an affable character and nice person. He is quite charming when you come down to it. He and his co-workers showed this reporter around the facilities and I must say it is a very professional yet welcoming environment. I did have some questions about the human bone structure and was afforded an excellent tutorial from the inside out.
Several different techniques were employed on our editor in chief and the photog we took on this assignment did get some interesting views of the procedures.
Dr. Fuzzyface and his business partner used rather strange electrical devices to rid our EIC of headache and back pain. Both electronic acupuncture applied to points and ultrasound were used, as well as manipulation of the spine.
I am very enthused to visit other medical locations and will attempt to interview other professionals in the field in the near future.
So until next Friday, Blogger willing and the creek don't rise, this is your roving reporter Ms. Baggs wishing you a good weekend.


  1. You had me at "butt shot". Isn't a good chiropractor as good as a good vibrator? What? Is that just me?

  2. You had quite the cheeky photog with you on this trip. Pun, definitely intended! :) Congratulations on the big 200 posts, I'll still be here reading along at 400 and beyond!

  3. I do enjoy a good butt shot! A huge congratulations on your 200 posts.

  4. lol nice butt shot! And i love the old crone in the mouth of the skull lol You always crack me up and when I need to smile, I just read one of your posts. :) Congrats on 200! Woot!!


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