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Sunday, April 24, 2011

What the heathens were up to on this Sunday...............

How funny is Ms. Baggs, she refused to join us for our Sunday doings. I think she had a prior engagement with another group of friends. Maybe she'll fill us in on Monday.

Well we are in process of making a nice dinner for Sweet Man when he gets home from work around 4pm. We're having baked ham, pineapple casserole from (Cordelia's Cauldron), homemade rolls, the necessary green vegetable of the season aspergrass as Shelley called it when she was little, and deviled eggs. I hate to call them that. They should be called, hmmmmmmm, creamed eggs on the half shell, nah, smashed yellows in a white half, nah. Okay you know what I mean. And then we will have the non traditional brownies with sugar daisies on top.

My Mom would always serve ham, broccoli/pea casserole, scalloped potatoes and angel food cake with green coconut on top and jelly beans. Thing was my Mom sorta got to be worse and worse with age when it came to cooking and refused to let any of us take over the cooking so...............besides the ham, well we don't do it the traditional way cuz as her hair got grayer.....so did the food, especially the scalloped potatoes.

We spent the morning enjoying each other and blessing each other with Cascarones, which are confetti filled eggs. The eggs are blown out and the end is then filled with confetti, tape is applied to the end and there ya go. The blessing part comes when you wish something good for the person as you smash the egg on top of their heads. What a big ole mess, I love it. We will be finding confetti dots for months to come.

Luckily,  the wind was blowing so we blessed the neighborhood too. I was especially thrilled that the nasty cigar smoking neighbor next door had his garage door open and the wind was taking the mess his way.....payback is so lovely.


  1. What a fun thing to do - I've never heard of that tradition, but you all look like you enjoyed yourselves...That dinner sounds delish! I've been lazy today - it's been hot and Gizzy's been sleeping, so I'm crocheting and watching Netflix.

    Happy Easter!

  2. The eggs sound like a lot of fun, and lol at blessing the neighbour, guess he deserved it ;o)

  3. I've never heard of cascarones before, I'll have to put them on the 'to-do' list for next Easter. It's nice to see some Oma face up in this blog, you all look totally happy! :)

    As for us, we had out traditional breakfast of latkes and kielbasa (which Joe makes every year, because it's his tradition and I just love eating latkes!) and Joe hid eggs filled with chocolates in the backyard for me to hunt up. He's so sweet sometimes it'll give you cavities! Then we had an uneventful day of yardwork, up until I found a 2+" wolf spider in the garden beds and quit for the day.

    Some witch I am, hehehe.

  4. WONDERFUL!!!! love the pictures such great fun!

  5. Sounds like you and yours had a very nice Easter. We just lazied around. I worked on a new Santa and made potato salad and baked a ham. Wished I'd known about the Cascarones. I might have made some and clobbered, er I mean blessed number one son and middle grand. There's always next year. Happy Easter to you and yours.

  6. You all are so adorable - the lovelies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And why did I not know about confetti eggs. I am so nailing Wallene with one this week. I mean, blessing her with good wishes.

    Brilliant! :D

    Love you - you gorgeous OB!

  7. Your pictures makes me smile :-) xoxo Donna

  8. Cascarones--what a fun tradition! Our Easter dinner was a bit non-traditional; spaghetti, caesar salad, multi grain baguette with garlic dipping oil and herbs. It was also Denny's birthday and having a favorite birthday dinner trumps tradition in this household.

    word vert: fiyelion. My mind went all out with trumpeting challenges using this word. Make your own!

  9. Sent cascarones to the grandies in Austin and Chicago...no pics yet. I recall once, many years ago, I was at an Easter Tariada in Juarez, pre-drug cartel days, and when the music started for a "tanda" which consisted of 5-6 dances with the same person, my friend and I got up and hurried to the bathroom because the pickins' were slim...bunch of wienies in our teenage opinion. As we were about to enter the ladies lew, a couple of guys threatened to hit us with them and I told them in English that if they even dared, they would end up with confetti up their ass!! LOL

    Sounds like you had a wonderful day.


  10. You all look so lovely full of confetti and blessings! What a happy day you spent together. I can't believe how your grands have grown. Wow. GK is so beautiful and Ry so handsome. You lucky lucky woman! I hope the wind blew all the remains of confetti in that nasty neighbors garage as well. That'll teach him! ;-)

    Oh, one last thing I just had to share with you...I got the funniest verification word yet...peepickle. Seriously! lol


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