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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

And we're off for lunch again.................

This time I was taken to lunch for Oma's birthday with her very good friend Ms. Mildred. This woman is such a delight to talk to and is my contemporary and so we had lots in common.

She and her Mother came here in the late 40's on Route 66 and traveled around the southwest and discovered a real passion for the tri cultures of the area. She is a walking encyclopedia concerning Mimbres pottery of the middle Rio Grande valley and is a gem.

She and Oma introduced me to a lovely place for breakfast and lunch. The name of the restaurant is Weck's and they have, even in this economy grown consistently. They now have 10 locations all over ABQ and Rio Rancho.

We all had a dish that is only served at Weck's called a Bowl o Papas which is hashbrowns with bacon, sausage and ham with all manner of goodies with an egg on top. I am pictured here with what the native refer to as Christmas on the side. Red and green chile.

Good food, good service, great company to visit with.

Ta, Ms Crone


  1. The Bowl o Papas looks yummy! I'm glad you had such a great time; Oma is such an awesome friend to take you to all those cool places. Hm, now I'm craving eggs...

  2. That looks yummy, and certainly not diet food.

  3. When I saw the word "Wecks" I was thinking of "Beef on a weck" which is basically a super yummy roast beef sandwich on a weck roll.

    I have to say tho' - the Pappas look awesome!

  4. That plate-o-pappas looks delish...ok, minus the pork!! After going off the Lexapro, I lost my palate for certain beverages (bourbon) and foods, like bacon and sausage...very strange, but I did...used to love that stuff!!

    I'll bet that salsa is delish too....nothing like NM chiles and happily, very accessible down my way!!

    Have a good one.

    Loves ya,

  5. That bowl of papa's is making my mouth water! Ms. Crone, you are so lucky to get to hang out with Miss Oma Linda and the rest of the staff. Have a wonderful week and I can't wait to hear of the next adventure.

  6. A belated happy birthday!

    I'm with Skippy--Weck to me is beef on weck which I learned when the oldest moved to NY.

    Papas looks yummy-deliciso. And with chiles on the side. To.die.for.

    word vert: reesse. Papas followed by a reesse cup is my idea of heaven.


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