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Friday, April 22, 2011

Fun among the flowers.................

This story is a little late. I mean for goodness sake we were there two weeks ago but it was best to let the heat disapate after the sexiness of it all.
I know there is a notion that when there is snow on the roof that the fire isn't very strong in the heater anymore but you couldn't be more wrong. I personally have always appreciated a good looking man and am never embarrassed to enjoy the view (without drooling, mind your manners). And oh golly gosh there was this fabulous looking young man at the nursery where we went to find plants for the new terrarium.
The establishment is Rehm's Nursery and is not but just a hop, skip and jump from The Specialty Shop I reported on last week.
We headed for the house plant greenhouse first and we were met with the nicest woman who really knows her plants. Her name is Madeliene and she showed us all manner of wonders of the plant kingdom. Even let us take a few publicity shots in the green house. That is her hand (she turned down the offer to be in on one of the photos) in the desert rose photo. Headed us in the right direction with mother's fern and the little palm trees and asked us to bring back photos after we finished our terrarium. Sweet woman.
After making our choices we were headed to the cash out after picking up a bag of charcoal for the bottom of the terrarium. Oma also puts charcoal in the bottom of all her indoor plants to keep the water "sweet". That just means that awful rot doesn't occur around the roots. When what to our approving eyes should appear but this gorgeous young man, you know the kind that if you could get away with licking him, you would but you wouldn't want to be arrested for assault? Yep right there up front for all to see. Now mind, he wasn't one of those muscly type but a normal everyday gorgeous guy.
Tried to take my mind off my mind and it's very bad thoughts (or good depending on your perspective) by playing a little game of hiding in the flowers so I could check him out again. Well he caught us and asked what we were doing? If Maddy had not come out of the greenhouse and explain to him that we were doing a bloggie thing and the pictures were for that.............I would have died of embarrassment. Oma asked if he wanted his picture included and damn him he said no. Well this old crone was mighty disappointed and I did have myself quite a sulk when we got back to the office but never you mind.
I'll be back next week with another story of adventure or eating or drooling, it all depends on the whim of the film crew.....silly woman.

Ta, Ms Crone

The Management: Had some computer issues.....like it was down and Comcast while I have cursed their names several times in the past, sent me (Linda) the cutest young drool over repairman. So thanks for the good choice of cuteness Comcast....and he was personalable and fixed the computer lines......a win, win, win for this lady.


  1. My dear Ms Crone, I think your post was absolutely in time. What's better than flowers and greenery on Earth Day? Exactly. I wish I had been there with you, everything looks glorious!

  2. What a wonderful colorful story! Why didnt the handsome man wants you to take his picture? You had to hide between a flower and take a pic anyway! ;-) hehehe! I bet you dont find him that handsome afterall huh Ms Crone?

  3. So many gorgeous plants!! And a delicious description of a nice 'sapling'. :0)

  4. Huh, imagine him not wanting to be in a photo, didn't he realised we ALL need to drool?! Glad Comcast perked you up a bit in the end anyway ;o)

  5. Sounds like a good time all around friend!!! LOL ;)
    Have a very Happy Easter girl & eat a little chocolate on me!!! It will go right to my hips too probably...
    word vert: redrath
    When Susie gets anger, her redrath is very hard to conceal & frightens the children & the grownups!!! ;)

  6. What a fun time you had, it is always a pleasure to feast your eyes on a hunk. Too bad he wouldn't let you take a picture, now I will have to use my imagination - but then he can be anything I want him to be, hmmmmmmm.

  7. Oh Ms. Crone, there is not much better to get the ole ticker thumping than a gorgeous man afoot! You go girl...hiding among the flowers to get a better view. Ooo-la-la! Thank you for sharing these fabulous pictures. I adore nurseries and cannot wait to hear of the next adventure. Happy Easter!

    verification word - exporin - What a redneck does on an adventure. He goes exporin'


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