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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A foray into the back yard..............reported by Ms. Baggs

Now these pictures are real. No one was harmed in the making of this blog post and all concerned made it back alive.
This reporter has never experienced an up close viewing of wild animals of the fashion before. I have as you well know seen llamas, horses, donkeys, camels and also chickens. But never had I encountered such a dirty and ominous critter until this week. Oma and GK were grinning and enjoying it very much and wanted me to get into the picture of this beast as well but I declined. I was needless to say, intimidated by the turtle. I'd never seen one before.
Oma explained that he was extremely slow moving because GK had dug him out of his hibernation hole. Shame on her. Everytime she would water in that spot where the hole was starting she could hear a hiss and knew it was one of the boys. And sure enough she was greeted by a young male who, GK did not recognize immediately and Oma would not let her clean him up. Frankly I don't see the charm. Maybe they grow on you but really, look at that dirty face.
The rest of the backyard holds more of the terrors according to GK and she spends her afternoons after school searching for the breathing holes of the coming out of hibernation turtles. If they all survived the very cold spell this last winter, Oma tells me there could be as many as 14 adult turtles in the yard as well as many small dirty faced creatures.

Here are some pictures I was willing to be in. These are of the gardening themed wall hangings and crates on the porch near the swing. Lovely place to rest and oversee the yard and watch your toes, I'm told.

Ta, Ms. Baggs


  1. thanks for the laugh...and that is one handsome turtle....Ms Baggs could use a really good bra.!...or maybe an apron would work!

  2. We've turtles at work now, and I have fallen in love. They are so funny to watch. Ours are the kind that live in water. I love them.

  3. oh, he's so cool. I want some land turtles.

  4. thanks for the chuckle. I think Ms Baggs is kinda cute. have a great day. limda think of you often.

  5. He's cool! 14+ turtles is an awful lot - do you have a turtle sanctuary???
    And the glimpses of the wall hangings by the swing are cool! Would love to see more of them. :0)

  6. How could you not love turtles.. I mean really? I'm shell-shocked. ;)

  7. How delightful! Poor Ms. Baggs. I see the beauty of these turtles is something that she needs to adjust to. I, on the other hand, think the turtle is amazing and am even more amazed that they live and hibernate in your back yard! I have never experienced such a truly wonderful thing. Sure, we have turtles here but not where I can locate them and hear them hiss in their hibernation holes. As you can see, I am totally wowed by these turtle tales! I do also love the wall hangings that the prim and proper Ms. Baggs agreed to stand with.

  8. Hi Ms Baggs! You're looking great on the pictures!
    a long time ago,a friend of mine and me visited her funny father who lived alone at a small appartment with a landturtle. He told us he finally admitted that an appartment is no place for a turtle and decided to bring him to the woods of... France! Yes,he drove all the way from Holland to France to relaise his turtle! Why France we asked. Because there he can find a lot of female turtles to have kiddos with :-)

  9. Love the turtle, dirty face and all. Ms. Baggs needs to spend more time out doors in the communing with nature to gain a greater appreciation of all its' many wonders.

  10. wow turtles in your yard! how wonderful to have such beauty hibinating in your yard :) beats diging up potatoes!! ty


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