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Monday, April 18, 2011

My daugher and grands tried to do me in......no, really....

Needless to say I am a sedentary old fool for the most part. My legs, my back, my well you get it. I am in pain 97% of the time. So? Fibro and fat have done me in. So most of the time, I miss out on the great adventures that are had by the 3 Musketeers on the weekends. They go hither and yon and I stay home and do arting stuff.

This whole thing started when I told the grands.....sometimes when you and Mom go to the picture show (movies for you who were not influenced by a southern mom), it would be nice if I could go with you. I don't like to butttttt into their time together but then again, whatever. 

Open mouth insert foot. They were off to the flea market and I was in tow. I haven't been to the flea market in fordamnever. I love the beads and jewelry and fresh fruit and veggies and junque. I used to like the people watch too but as I have gotten older, less is more in that department. 

We must have walked 2 miles. Zigging and zagging our way through the booths, alley ways and all. Now that may not sound like a lot for some of you who are fortunate enough to be able to do walking and simple stuff like that....but for me well. The entirety of a Target store can be challenging...so I took my cane and off we went.

I got the only pair of wings I will ever had on a t shirt with a Day of the Dead Dancing lady on the front and silver wings on the back, an Our Lady of Guadalupe woven wall hanging (which Ry is so excited about. That's a story in itself). Ry got another pirate ship and shoes, GK got knee high top converse (knock offs), a crystal necklace and a mini skate board, Sweet Man was the recipient of a Marine Corp ball cap, Shelley got the biggest avocado I have ever seen (great guacamole last night for dinner) and some great stones for woven rings and we all got Frescas de Agua......fruit water. GK-pink lemonade, RyLeigh watermelon, Shelley-horchata (rice water, better than it sounds) and me - coconut.

We got back to the car after 2.5 hours and I swear that I didn't think I was going to be able to lift my leg into the car. Told the kids I was gonna have to drive home with one leg hanging out of the car......GK asked if that was my good leg?

When we got home, I was kinda tired (like alot) but still able to move (sorta). We had lunch and then sat down to watch the Wiz (which I think is cheesy) and about 10 minutes later I couldn't keep my eyes open. Went to nap, I love naps and when I went to get up, I couldn't. I mean I couldn't get up. I hurt everywhere there was a place to hurt. Gave myself some time to struggle to my feet, put dinner on to cook and then crashed again.

I told the kids at dinner last night that they tried to kill me, but this morning, I'm right as rain. So guess what that means?????? Yep, I'm gonna let them try to do me in again this afternoon, we're going to take the little dog for a walk and try to keep this pain and gain thing going on.


  1. Good for you! I hope you can keep it up!

  2. by the way...have you tried using a spray bottle on your puppy to stop it from nipping the turtles. We have found a quick spray in the face with just plain water is a great deterrent for almost anything....good for you for getting back at it....have to keep it up!

  3. For the record I am going to borrow [heavily] the word "fordamnever" I about spit taked on that one. Thank you.

    And now you have given me the idea of what to tell the fams here "You darn near did me in - your fault" lol

    Hope you are feeling better after todays trek. :) I understand. Love you!

  4. Fibro and fat have done me in as well. Several times now I have been close to writing a letter of resignation on my job because it is getting just too painful to make it up the subway stairs, but alas, I can't survive without working. I've been trying the Weight Watcher's Diet in the hopes of less weight, less pain. I'm finding this diet easy to work with because I can 'choose' what I eat and eat enough of certain foods to fill me. Took off three pounds last week.

  5. Get back on that horse I say!

  6. Yay for embracing the no pain, no gain approach. I've encouraged a couple of my colleagues to take lunchtime walks with me, they're very keen, but keep complaining that I'm route marching them everywhere lol

  7. I've not been to a swap meet or flea market for eons, but in truth, I could not do it without my rollater (walker) because my back won't let me stand or walk for 2.5 hrs...I love walking and do it quite a bit with Gizzy, but both of us are old and slow and easy does it every time ;-) we get through. I'm glad you're feeling better and maybe after a while, you'll get used to it and will want to walk more ;-)
    Have a great week!

  8. Oh Miss Oma Linda, I am so glad you got out to enjoy the flea market! I know it was painful but look at you! Recovery in 1 day. You are Super Warrior Woman. I have lupus and fibro and I have to tell you, exercise is what keeps me limbered up enough to get through each day. I really believe that a healthy diet (90% of the time anyway) and some form of daily activity helps the pain, stiffness and flare ups. Of course it can all go to hell in a minute, but you gotta keep on keepin on because it's better than missing out on the fun you had. Okay, that is your public service announcement for the day. ;-) Have a wonderful evening!

    fisheroo - what Shaggy and Scooby do at the lake.

  9. you need to do more of those days lol thats the shit they all tell me so I am passing on the advise LMAO

    Love you!


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