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Saturday, April 16, 2011

A new game to play.............

Like we have time on our hands and nothing else to do right?????

For quite some time now, a few friends on the Blogosphere and I have been playing a strange if not mind boggling game with the idiot verification words that appear on some folks blogs. You know the ones where you sometimes have to type your whole message again because the vert word comes up just as your pressing send?

I have read several mini rants about the verification words being unnecessary and a pain in the butt and yada yada yada. So rather than getting ticked off, we of the stranger than fiction variety humans play this game.

Before you send the message, most of the time you see what the "vert word" will be. It is then your turn to enter in your comment a sentence using the series of letters as a word in a sentence. Sometimes they are actual words and then, as Larry the Cable Guy says,  that's funny, I don't care who you are. Most of the time they are gibberish with a twist. They are the most fun to try to figure out.

Last week I had carlung as one. My sentence was: my car quit running and I took it to the auto repair shop where the guy said it had fatal carlung.

I also had babies on someone whose post had been about a daughter being pregnant. Okay universe I hear ya.

So I am inviting you for the next week, only on my blog (or be adventuresome and start passing it forward to some of you bloggie lovelies who might not think you've gone mad) to use the vert word for fun. You might find out that a pain has become a suduko of the blog.

Have a lovely what's left of the weekend.


  1. Now this is genius!

    I once heard a redneck mutter, after staring straight into the sun, "mizert". Get it? My eyes hurt ; )

    OK, maybe this isn't my schtick.

  2. lol - I sometimes think the verification word is actually using some sort of filter to *almost* make sense to what I'm saying, so this should be fun. If you get a whole collection of these you can be the official Listiess of Verification Words.

  3. Oh how fun! I do get so tickled at some of the vert words I come across.

  4. I have thought at times some of the vert words could be used for something!!?? Thanks for visiting my blog!! Of course I had to come here and visit yours. So far I like it here - think I'll keep checking in.....

  5. Linda, I remember playing this game with you a while back and then it just sort of went away, I will try and remember to play along.

    My word "Aticons" and I can not for the life of me come up with anything aticons.

  6. I don't mind the word verts (well, that's a lie, I hate the word verts) as long as they are there when the comment window opens. I especially don't like the set up where you type your comment, click send and you get another window where you have to do the word vert.

  7. Only you my friend can make a fun game out of something so darned annoying!! LOL
    Yes, I am one of the haters...
    What I have thought was, to include the word vert at the bottom of all my blog comments so the blogger can see how inane these stupid things are...but alas, I was too lazy to do that. I just stay in a constant state of annoyment! ;)
    Hey do you use it???
    I'll find out soon...
    answer, ***reresse*** LOL


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