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Monday, April 4, 2011

The office staff of YOCG...................

All of you received Ms. Baggs, our new reporter with such enthusiasm that I thought I'd like to introduce you to some of the other staff members of Ye Olde Crone's Gazette. We're a little weekly right now but who's to know, we might work our way up to being a medium size weekly one day.
Ellie Mae being fooled into being still.......momentarily
Odin, holding the grass down
The Office staff includes: myself, Sunny J. Bunnifur also know as Sunny Bunny BooBoo Head, my personal assistant and chief editor of everything and official keyboard cover, Ms. Ellie Mae Scottles formerly of the Cibola County Scootles, who is an assistant in training. Her main duties are to pee, poop, chase and wrestle with the personal assistant until they are both so exhausted that all is quiet on this western front and finally, Odin the Chupacabra, Espanola, low rider Coyote. The later is only in charge of holding the floor down so that it doesn't get away unless a notorious "brown" delivery truck comes down our street, in which case he springs into action and does his best Don Knotts in the Ghost and Mr. Chicken imitation and runs in circles shaking. We quit asking why about 18 months ago. He just does.
Ms. Baggs introducing herself to S J Bunnifur
My desk assistant and head critic of all that is written here at YOCG is a rather handsome, older gentleman (you see we have a theme going here with older folks). This editor and the head driver on excursions have been at the assistant's beck and call now for going on 12 years. He is a marmalade tabby Manx with a "just now" mellowing personality. I believe it is the children who have settled him down with all the physical attention they give him. Up until they moved in, he was a cat in all cat ways. Now he behaves slightly more like a human's companion cat.
This is my best side
but I'm starving
Sunny loves a good scritch and requires one about every other sentence typed or he gets up on the arm of his assistant chair and paws my arm. If I am intent on what I am doing, he bites me....hard. As you can see by his pictures he is a roguishly handsome dude, even if ill mannered. Sunny Bunny still has kitty attitude in an old cat body. This is even more noticeable since our newest member of the office staff, Ms. Ellie Mae Scottles came on board. You see, our older gentleman fancies himself a bit of a pugilist and at morning, noon, and night time breaks, the younger and stronger asst. just beats the tar out of the older gentleman with the orange hair. C'est la doo doo. Can't make the driver on photo trips stop snoring and can't make the cat stop being an idiot, ya know?

Well my staff is letting me know in all of their annoying and "playful" ways it's time for Oma to get off the computer and attend to their morning feedings.

Hope you enjoyed the introductions to the office staff. I will give you a rundown on the camera and reporters backgrounds, skill sets and other trivia another day.


  1. As someone who's worked in many newsrooms I have to say you're little publication has the best staff ever! Not your usual grumpy auld cynicals hacks :) Loved the introductions, thanks!

  2. I don't know what's cuter, their names, their job descriptions, the pics or YOU!

    This was fun. And tell Odin that the east coast is safe from shifting. Scooby is on the beat of holding down his part of the world. :D

  3. I'm with SkippyMom! What a fun mondaypost! My boyfriend aka some kind of roommate is in Hong Kong since yesterday. His boss got a house there and a new opened chinese martial arts kung fu school. He needs to help him out with inviting new people.(my friend speaks cantonese)
    So i'm all alone for 10 days and feel a little lonely,but now i read your lovely post, you made my day! (mmm...its allready 1 hour after midnight uphere)
    I love the picture of Ms Baggs introducing herself to S J Bunnifur :-)
    I really want to meet your furry family some day and your turtles and offcourse you and your lovelies.
    Have a great monday Linda!

  4. I enjoyed this post and seeing your office staff. They are all so darn cute. My staff pales in comparison and only works part-time.

  5. What a delightful post! You have the best (and cutest) staff I have ever met. If those were my co-workers, I'd probably quit my whining and complaining about work. I would thank you...hubby would thank you. Their names, job descriptions and qualifications are too adorable! I am still chuckling.

  6. Aww, your Ellie Mae looks a little bit like my Boo - at least by the profile. :) And I have a Sunny too! He showed up on my doorstep looking all pitiful and barely able to meow one sunny Sunday morning as I went to get the paper so he was named Sunny! Mine bites me too - usually in the morning when he thinks it's about time I got up and fed him. Slight nudge right in my face with a cold nose & then when I reach out to pet him, a love bite. At least I think that's what it is LOL!

    Nice staff. And no talking back. Thanks for the smile!!

  7. No wonder you have such a well-run publication.. what a thoroughly capable staff. ;) Gorgeous critters you have there.

  8. hahaha ms baggs next to bunnifers is the cutest pic!! and I love the movie the Ghost and Mr. Chicken lmao :) you crack me up!


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