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Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Olde Crone reports, April 1, 2011

I am so excited to be a reporter for the Crone's Gazette. This little reporter is just raring to go.

My transportation is provided by the folks who run the Gazette and have been very good to ask my opinion about where we should report from. My first outing was not very far from the home office. We just went north and a little west of the office to a lovely old village situated on the Rio Grande River.
This area was in the past and recently has recently again become famous for it's vineyards and orchards and of course a very good place to raise livestock and crops.
At this time of year, the huge cottonwood trees are yet to have leaves and for all the world look very "haunted" tree like. This reporter did have a bit of an allergy attack because of the horrible Chinese Elm trees which are not native trees. Bit of a sniffle and watery eyes.

In the fall, I am told that this little sleepy village, which is really a bedroom community for Albuquerque is quite a busy bee kind of place. What with the crops being ripe. Apples, corn, (and the most fabulous corn maze in the area) pumpkins and many other fruits and vegetables are offered for sale at the many farms that dot the area. In addition, the area is also known for the artist's that display at the local galleries. The Fall Festival is a wonderful activity, needless to say.
Today we dined at Little Anita's Mexican Kitchen and later took a tour of the area. Not just sticking to the main street but through the back streets and small roads that run parallel to the irrigation ditches. And that is when we found Linda's favorite animal, donkeys. We found donkeys, llamas, horses, cows, goats, turkeys (very frightening birds), baby chick, ducks and guineas for sale. And then we came upon a site that shocked all of us......Camels in Corrales. At one of the farms, the llamas and horses had paddock mates. 2 hump camels right here in New Mexico. Imagine our surprise.
And much to my delight, I found the heart of my story here in a downed cottonwood tree. All in all a very lovely, breezy, warm spring outing.
Hope you've enjoyed this pictorial and travelog. I'll be back next Friday to once again....poke around New Mexico and give you an Olde Crone's perspective.


  1. LOL Loved the traveling blog! What a wonderful idea and I loved the pictures and narration.
    Camels? WTF??? that is odd, or I think so lol

  2. Well Hello Old Crone...it is so nice to meet you!
    I very much enjoyed your little report on NM...most delightfully interesting my dear!
    Can't wait to hear and see more of your wonderful visits...
    And you are a very handsome woman too ;o)

  3. I love, love, love camels. How cool.

    It looks and sounds like a lovely day OC. I wanna go next time. :)

  4. I absolutely adore this idea! More, More!!!

    I have noticed a lot of spooky, Halloweeny trees lately. I don't know if it's my state of mind or what. Thankfully, the trees are finally starting to leaf out here and everything is turning 100 shades of green (like being in Ireland!) And there are birds everywhere--I didn't realize how much I missed them.

  5. Great reporting traveling reporter...where will you go next??

  6. I enjoyed your report very much! Beautiful cottonwood tree!
    See ya next friday!

  7. What a wonderful post and pictures to go with it. Very informative and simply gorgeous area to be in. I sincerely cannot wait to see your travels next Friday, Ms Old Crone!

    Oh...and I hate to mention this here but I sent you an email earlier with a question I wanted to ask before I post my win. Have a great weekend!

  8. Oh how fun! And you are right. The first thing I saw were those tree branches. Spooky!

    By the way, thanks so much for the "fan tip" as in pointing a fan at the smoking neighbors. I have done so and it at least helps to blow the majority of their chain smoking away from my back door and back at them! In fact they seem to have retreated to their back deck to smoke, which is far more open and away from my back door. Might need to be a permanent installation though. ;)


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