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Thursday, April 7, 2011

This reporters trip to an oldie but a goodie................

Hope this edition of YOCG finds all of you well.

Part of the 5 person road crew, Oma Linda head photog and the map holder/drink carrier/good looking one, Poison Mom took me out to lunch today. The others were off at their real day jobs. I mean we did have office duties to preform but these two are too funny together to miss an opportunity to escape the drudgery of the office, have a laugh and kick up our heels. So we headed to lunch.

Oma Linda pointed the Omamobile, a very cute little orange car, in the direction of an oldie but a goodie drive in restaurant here in metro ABQ. When she and I were in our teens, before there was hair, this place was already well established as one of the three places to troll for good looking guys. Oma regaled us (she is very much like Duckie on NCIS the way she drones on.....poor dear) with tales of picking up boys at Frank's, Mac's and Peter Pan's as a teenager driving on the make......er looking to flirt or pick up boys.....er gathering with fellow teens to hold conversations.

Peter Pan's was razed in the mid 70's and guess what stands there now?????? A Walmart. Frank's went the way of the forgotten and lonely guy places in the 90's and all the Mac's went into bankruptcy, save this one, just two years ago.
As Oma tells it, one always orders a taquita twosome, green chile cheese burger or steak in the rough with a cherry limeade. Poison Mom said, after receiving her drink order of a cherry limeade that she had forgotten how much better Mac's are than say oh.......sonic but you didn't hear it from this reporter.
The Rough, fries, roll, cole slaw, pieces of beef much like a chicken fried steak and the biggest green onion.
Taquita Twosome, seasoned ground beef rolled in a corn tortilla, quick fried, served with salsa and guacamole and chips
Poison Mom, not talking
And an almost totally scarffffffed green chile cheeseburger
I have to tell you.........I fell in love with the cherry limeade, wolfed down my green chili cheeseburger before Oma could even get a picture of it. I got a nibble, that's all I could fit in, of the guacamole served with the Twosome. Yum, burp and then yum again. I'm telling you, if you want a fabulous meal, Mac's Steak in the Rough is the place. This location recently remodeled and everything is wonderful.....and tastes home made. That is if your home has a grill and lots of citrus presses.
My new/old love
We did make it to another story assignment but I'm too full and too tired to report on that adventure today. I'll get that info to you on Monday. Think I'll go look up SJ Bunnifer and see if I can share a little nap time with him.
The Bunnifer at rest
Ta, Ms. Beulah Baggs, head reporter of Ye Olde Crone's Gazette


  1. I am enjoying these!! And now I am hungry.

    Have a great weekend!!

  2. I love places like Mack's. Sadly there are none left around here. :( Oh to have a real cherry limeade. YUM

    And Bunnifer is cracking me up.

  3. A cherry limeade sounds pretty darn good right now and add the green chili cheese burger and I'd be ready for a nap with Bunnifer too.

  4. Those were the good old days, we have a place similar here, aptly named Granny's. Their specialty is the Paul Bunyan (this was once a thriving logging town). The Bunyan comes with everything you can think of including ham, bacon and egg on it.

  5. OK, can I tell you that I was hungry already when I started reading this post??? Can I tell you I'm starving after reading this post???
    Sorry no time to chat, I must eat now!!! My tummy's growling & the idea of havin anything less then a taquito just pisses me off! ;)

  6. Okay, we are SO meeting up with you at Macs the next time we're in town!

  7. LOL...I love these posts by the Old Crone! Her reporting skills are just exemplary. That food looks amazingly delicious and if I am ever that way, I'll have to look up the staff and see if the 2 legged ones would like to meet for lunch. Perhaps we can bring take out for the 4 legged ones. I think I'd like SJ Bunnifer's job!

  8. I wished we had more places like this in the Netherlands :-( We only have Mac Donalds ,Burger King and Kentucky fried chicken. And i looked at the prices...Gee, its so cheap upthere! a bic mac costs about 5 dollar :-( and all the variatie! it all looks so yummie!

  9. Oh my stomach is growling now.. or could it be that beautiful cat purring? :)

  10. Oh man, this makes me miss all the dives and dogs from back home. So far, the only 'dive' down here serves frozen burgers topped to high heaven with crap and pushes them on you for $8! It was even on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, mucho disappointing!

    I'm glad you ladies had a fab time! Please tell Poison Mom I love her alias and mine would be something along the lines of KISS Wife. ;)


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