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Sunday, March 13, 2011

We actually played outside today.........in the Faery Garden

As promised, I said I would tell you when I found our first turtle of the season. Well today is the day.

We went out to clean up the faery garden area. Kinda ignored it when fall came last year. All those encounters with pneumonia had done me in and I had no energy for leave clean up then so..................we did spring clean up instead. Our temps were so low this past winter and I was leary of what we might find.

Wasn't as bad as I thought it might be. The violets got freeze burn and so did the lavender but the roses are fine and so are the hollyhocks and nothing gets to the hummingbird vine. All of the strawberry plants are gone though. Can't be sure it was the winter....it could have been neglect on my part.

Anyway, as we were cleaning up to go in to have lunch there she was. Ms. Beauty with her tail end up. She must have been out and about while we were raking and headed for her winter hole. We took her out, looked her over and then put her back so she could go back and be safe until she comes out for real in April. Saw a few breather holes but no babies or any of the others out stomping around.

We cut the lavender plant way back and gathered the branches that had leaves on them and then stripped the leaves to dry......I must have rubbed my chin many more times than I remember because I definately have an allergic reaction and a bright red chin.....not attractive. Who knew I was allergice to lavender oil. Sure smells good though.

This was the year to cut things way back anyway so we still have miles and miles to go and lots more cutting to do. The kids helped, as did Shelley and we moved rocks to a new area so we have cleared more area to plant veggies. Tomorrow we are going to move the bird bath out of the faery garden and replace it with another focal point which will help the turtles hide from Ms. Ellie Mae the terror terrier. Also claimed some pods, twigs, dried flower pods for some upcycling for the fae housing during Spring Break this week.

And if I can still move tomorrow, I may even get to enjoy coffee on the back porch where we moved an old table and chairs. It could prove to be one of my favorite, spur of the moment, things. Sometimes they turn out to be the best.

Have a super week, don't forget to come and visit my other blog Olde Baggs on March 19 for CELEBRATE OZ.


  1. Love, love, love the smell of lavender. Several years ago we were in Sequim, Washington where they grow fields and fields of it. Mmmmmm.

    Everyone should have a special spot for their morning coffee. Hope your weather cooperates for enjoying your back porch moments.

    word vert: vieforck. Vieforck and shovel are needed for garden clean ups. Yeah, out of practice.

  2. How glorious to be out in the garden in Spring...so many discoveries to be made. :0)

  3. Coffee on the back porch. Oh how I dream of those days. It's windy and cold up here in Jersey, grey skies. I was going to get out in the gardens and clean up....but my motivation left with the blue skies. I need to keep busy right now, so I guess I'll organize closets instead.

  4. How fun to see your first Turtle of the season. Sounds like you got a lot accomplished, still too wet and cold here yet to want to be outside working. See you Saturday for the Party.

  5. glad the turtles have fared well over the winter.

  6. The birds have been showing up - the usual doves, a slew of little finches I think, a few bluejays, a baby woodpecker, and today I saw a gorgeous cardinal. I have only seen Lucy one of my adult female turtles so far and one of the babies who I accidentally uncovered and turned upside down when I lifted something he was hiding under. Ethel, the other adult female hasn't been spotted just yet or the other two young-uns, if they are still around Still have the raccoon showing up at the door looking for a slice of bread every couple days. My girlfriend calls me Ellie Mae. :)


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