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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

And so there ya go...bye, bye, mind.................

Warning: this is a real report from Casa de Cuckoo, no one was harmed in the typing of this blog but embarrassment is afoot.

I had my cards read at the used bookstore the kids and I went to last week. GK wanted very much to find out whether she should take the opportunity to go to a charter school or stay with the same group of friends at the public school. This is one of those cases when.....well honey.....guess what...you're going to the charter school we've been trying to get you into for 3 years. But she wanted to know anyway if it was the right choice. And her cards indicated she would come to a fork in the road and one would be blocked but it was a good thing for her future. Rock on with your bad self cards.

Then I had mine read. This is where the wicket gets sticky. This is an exact quote. "I would need to be mindful of the days that I have invested in a project and not rush anything". Sounds like a straight forward don't lose yourself in your work admonition until yesterday morning.

That's when I realized I had been doing the countdown for Celebrate OZ and was 2 days off in my countdown. Now how in the hell did I do that? I know the difference between 17 and 19. And I also know when I was giving thought as to when I would do Celebrate OZ I thought to myself, self don't do it on St. Patrick's day but on the full moon...............and still I'm just typing along like a fool, targeting the 17th as the day. I confused some of my participants, have to wear egg on my face which is good for my complexion but lousy for my ego and...................Wow, the cards were spot on again.

I hope I have set everything and everyone straight now, most especially me. So if anyone of you can trust anything that I might suggest......please come and enjoy the CELEBRATE OZ party on the 19th of March which happens to be this Saturday. Which by my defective figuring is Weds, Thurs, Fri away.

I gotta make a phone call to the scarecrow and ask him to share.


  1. Oh Linda...love it...your celebration will be wonderful whenever it is...

  2. Ok that's hilarious! Gotta love Tarot. :D

  3. Hey Linda, Sounds like you're a bit of a nut, so that makes you my kind of person. :-D
    I thought I'd do a bit of checking out the folks who came to visit my blog earlier today and wasn't it nice to see a kindred spirit. Nice meeting you.

  4. oh those cards. they have been quite on spot for me as well.

  5. LOL, I just love reading your posts! You really are a very good writer you know. Have a great weekend - we are off in a few minutes to go catch some carrots, cabbage & potatoes at the St. Patrick's parade! Yep, the making of a stew. :)


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