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Thursday, March 10, 2011

I get crustier as I get older....just as anyone that knows me

I'm having an affair with the day. No one is home. No one is expected home for awhile. I have not one stitch of clothing to wash, nor dishes to put in the dishwasher, or floors to sweep, or well....yeah I do have mending but to hell with it.

Today the sun is shining, the birds are pooping where they want in my yard and I'm typing on the computer cuz I want to waste some time. So there world. Take that and that.

GK asked me this morning at breakfast why she feels like she is coming out of her skin and can't pay attention in school? I told her cuz she is 10 and has spring fever. And that discussion disssolved quickly into a million other things about nature, kids, birds, and so on and on. RyLeigh Eoan will tell you that every morning at the breakfast table is the same. We have discussion. He calls it "morning talk". Some days, we're almost late to school because we're running our mouths so much and loving every moment of it. It's the best part of the day, no matter what.

I have realized for along time now that Ms. GK just gets me talking on a subject cuz then she can stall and doesn't have to do what she has been asked to do....Gawd knows I can pontificate forever. I remind myself of my grandfather, Daddy Jack. The man never shut up. Always had an opinion, never cared whether someone else, "carried the same one". There were folks in McKenzie TN that would cross the street to avoid conversation with Jack because it could take all day or so they said. I always thought it was a kick in the pants to get him to telling his tales. And he had one for every occasion.

Daddy Jack had a sister named Sue. Aunt Sue was a "show me the hole and I'll tell you all about it" person. And  they were cut out of the same cloth. My Mother used to say she had never met anyone more like Aunt Sue in her life than me. That may be true but, I beg to differ now. GK has now taken the reigns to that ride. She has more information than the pantheon of Gods and Goddesses do. Just ask her. And I know exactly where she gets it. Aunt Sue.....hehehehehe

Happy Thursday ya'll, I'm headed outside to watch what Mother Nature has for me to be blessed with this morning. Just happy to have another day to see it.


  1. Will you adopt me?

    And as for having an affair with the day.....screw him blind ; )

  2. Great post, enjoyed it much. Enjoy the beautiful day!

  3. Wonderful way to spend a day...enjoy...

  4. I love how you put that "affair with the day" :) I hope you enjoyed it! I plan to do that tomorrow :)

  5. Time alone is the best gift we can give ourselves. Hope it was a great day for you.

  6. Everyone needs time to "Have an Affair with the Day"! Love that phrase!
    Hope your day was Fantastic!

    Some of the best times I can recall from growing up were conversations I had with 'grown-ups'. I tried to do the same with my kids and the friends they would bring home. Now that all those kids are grown up, they tell me that some of the best times they can recall were conversations around the dinner table.

  7. Oh your mornings sound wonderful, goood for you for just taking you time. having an affair with the day, that is great my friend,. hugs. have a great weekend.

  8. Darn that Aunt Sue passing on those genes ;o) My gran says I love to talk - I often peek to see if her pot handle is emerging... :oD

  9. "Having an an affair with the day" BRILLIANT! I must remember that one! LOL XO


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