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Sunday, March 6, 2011

For those who are wondering...........

Why yes, thank you very much I have lost my mind.

My computer is still out of commission. Doesn't mean I haven't posted for the Celebrate OZ countdown using Sweet Man's computer but well, it's like borrowing a loaner car. Sure, you can still get where you're going but you don't know whether all the tire iron and such are even in the trunk. Or what is in the glove compartment....or if there is even one there. You know, I know my computer and how to get where I wanna go and where I have my pics and shortcuts and blah, blah, blah. This one is well......not mine.

Seeing as the economy hasn't really cooperated with us and our budget....yeah well like I'm the only person on the planet chanting that refrain, I will need to wait to take my computer to the "get better" computer shop. It is the power supply unit. I'll be typing along and poof....gone. Just shuts itself down. It also has a charming aroma to it.

So if you have pondered, hey, how come she is posting the countdown and not leaving comments on my blog, doesn't she love me anymore? It's not the love part, it's the borrowing and having to fight my way through Sweet Man crap on the puter.

Makes me nutz.


  1. I've been there more than once! So sorry for your frustration - hang in there!

  2. Sorry to read about your 'puter. Amazing how we have grown so dependent on this contraption. Have you ever thought about how we survived before computers???? Yes, IBM Selectric typewriters...they were the creme de la creme back in the day!!

    Am wiped out...took my SM to the ER last night or rather, early this morning. What's with these men anyway!!! Testosterone has it's place, of course, but it also causes severe brain damage too!! At midnight, I finally just told him to get up, that I was going to take his sorry butt to the hospital and arguing was futile!!! LOL Later on he told me I was "mean" to him...I yelled at him. I told him I wasn't yelling, but merely behaving like a strict and stern parent because the child was acting up!! LOL

    Has pneumonia and don't know if they're going to keep him a second night, but he's been texting me with a list of stuff to bring...oey vey!!!

    Take care, love to you all and the goats are waiting for their daddy to come home!!


  3. ahahahhha! I get like that when I have to use someone else's computer (and car) too. Here's to hoping the bill doesn't make you faint : )

  4. Know exactly what you mean about using Hubby's computer! I also don't like using his vehicle.
    Hope the Universe brings a 'fix' for your 'puter soon.

  5. Ok, but as frustrated as you may be...you still write with great humor. And you make me laugh and smile.
    Sorry for the stinky 'puter troubles, though. Believe me, I *know* how maddening those can be.


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