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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Bloody Mary....a wordwide urban myths...........???

This post is all about worry and fear.......yeah real life.

My darling friend Nydia in Brazil has an even more adorable son named Lucas who has become very dear to my GereaKaye.....she has sorta adopted him as another little brother. But this one doesn't mess up your side of the room and keep talking when you've asked him to stop 10,452 times and poking and well.......little brother things. They have shared info, pictures, spells etc. through the mail and Lucas is thought of at bedtime and included in all things GK.....including clucking.

Clucking and worrying is what GK does best. I'm not sure what kind of hen she would be if she really were a chicken but she'd be a loud clucker, that I know. Probably one with fluffy bright pink and black tail feathers.

Lucas came home with a worry about a Lady in White dying in the bathroom at his school in Brazil. Have ya heard a similar story????? Well we have here in Albuquerque, half a world away. And the story scared GK and when I told her about Lucas having a hard time with this non entity.....she said well that's just an urban legend. (BTW, she has all the answers now....so just in case you need any questions of universal proportion answered ask now before she gets grown and losses all the facts). But she certainly wants Lucas to not feel badly and certainly not to believe this "tale".

Which actually brings me to my question for all of you....did you ever have a "tale" told to you that frightened you when you were a kid?


  1. Well, of course....down here on the border, we have heard it all!! Firstly, La Llorona and the Cucui (Mexican version of the "boogyman.") When I was a kid we had this maid we just loved...she was young, energetic and hard working. One day, my mother told us she wasn't returning because she told the story of the cucui to my brother, Fred. That big weenie told my mother he was afraid of the dark because of that and my mother was so angry her sweet little man was scared, she fired that lady...was I pissed!!! I got even...I kept up with stories of the cucui and the bloody hand that lives under the bed (made that one up)and scared the bajeebers out of him....what was my mother going to do, fire me????

    There were many more stories of that type I heard when I was living in Germany, but what I discovered, was that they were the same stories, just names and places changed.

    Loves ya,

  2. It's funny that you should ask.....the wicked witch from the wizard of oz scared the living shit out of me. I slept with my mother for a week after watching it! I know, I know.

  3. We had a creature living (a sasquatch type) in the woods about 20 miles west of us...couples would go park and supposedly this missing link would shake their cars and scare them...we never did have anything happen when we were there...

    Now my daughter saw the 'Halloween' movies one sleep over at a friends...I was so extremely angry that they showed her those movies...anyway, she's in her 30's now and still won't go swimming in the lake alone...

    Things can get really scary and make a permanent impression at certain times in a person's life...

  4. Dark Mother...Yep, those flying monkeys and dark woods really did a number on me also...

  5. LOL - yeah, pretty much all German Fairy Tales are gruesome and frightening, i.e. in Falada, the girl's horse gets decapitated and nailed to the wall where she has to walk by every day to herd the geese and if that wasn't enough, the horses head talked to her...just one example, but actually one gets used to it, but in America they would modify those old Fairy Tales, just like in Cinderella where in the real Fairy Tale the evil Stepmother had to dance in hot iron shoes till she died...

  6. Oh yeah, you know I did!! :) We have an old, old graveyard tucked away at the end of a very long road that seems to grow thinner and thinner as the trees grow over the road on the way in. There is a story connected to it about a couple that parked down there, broke down, boyfriend left to go get help & left girlfriend there, well, it's the typical urban legend story. It is called rock & roll graveyard and as a teenager I actually had an "experience" down there with a bunch of my friends - much too long to get into here but maybe one day I'll share it on my blog. Never went back there after that night, but we all sure talked of it for YEARS!

  7. Oh goodness, I was scared by lots of tales of ghosts living in the vacant house on the corner, swear I even saw her once. She was suppose to have been murdered.


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