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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Happy March 1st

Hello lovelies.

Hope all of you are glad to be only a few short weeks from Spring. With all that has been happening in and around Casa de Cuckoo, I haven't had a lot of time to enjoy watching the changing of the season around here. The only exception is the sound of the Robins and Mountain Jays sparring in the backyard.

Ms. Ellie Mae Scootles, our Yorkitsu, has been on alert as of late. She has been having some very interesting conversations with the bird neighbors. I keep telling her not to worry these will only peck her head not try to carry her off like the crows might have. Honestly, some days her yapping is so annoying, I'd pay the crows with extra sparklies (like on Secret of NIMH) to carry her away. I hear this yap, yap, yikes coming from the backyard and I am so used to Bwarffff, bwarff....big dog, lips flapping barks that we had for so many years that sometimes I'm wondering what idiot is letting there "almost dog" bark. and then I have the realization is that I am that idiot.
My sweet slobbering hulk of a dog Willow Ozgood has been gone a year now and I still want to believe that I will look out the backdoor and she will be laying on her back kicking up her big ole legs, lips so big they cover her eyes, laughing at life and scratching that itch that only a good wallow in the dirt takes care of. And then of course come in and want to get up in my lap and share all the dirt in the world with me. I miss my giant furbaby so much. She brought me such joy and love. And as much fun and energy and love as Ellie Mae brings......she definately is not an old lady's dog. She is in fact, 200 percent a kid dog and I am so glad the kids have her here to let them lavish her with love and play.

I don't want to make this a sad post but just a rememberance of a very good dog and a short time spent loving her.

Hope your first day of March brings you joy and glimpses of the newness that surrounds us in nature.


  1. yeah, I still miss our Tilly. she was one of a kind. been gone many years now.

  2. *hugs* Happy March to you, my dear Olde Bagg. I know Willow is wallowing in so much dirt right now and saving it all up to share when you meet again. :)

  3. You had me laughing to start with the Casa de Cuckoo and the "almost dog," but then I know what it is to miss our old friends too. I think about mine often, and even this newest addition, I often look at him and tell him he must live a long long life so as not to break my heart given I have fallen so in love with him. Yet, if it is true that we will meet up with all of our animals in our afterlife, then I am gonna have a farm!

    As far as the yip yapper, I got one of those myself, and lawdy does he make me crazy. He lives inside with me so it can get rather loud. I have a locking glass storm door that stays open to let in light most of the time, and he will charge the door & nearly knock it out if he sees someone out front. He scared the bejez out of my mailman yesterday when he innocently delivered a package to the front stoop!! Poor guy.

    Happy March!

  4. I too know what it is like to miss our dear fur friends and I know what Willow meant to you. Big Hugs to you today my friend.

  5. My big dumbass loudmouthed Dempsey has been gone just over a year, and I swear I can still hear him "talking" to me saying I want my momma (yes, boxers can talk).

    Willow was beautiful. I love the big drooly ones.

  6. It's hard to start thinking about the ones we've lost...

  7. As a brand new dog owner already head over heels with this puppy I can just imagine how hard would be to loose a faithful friend! Happy Spring to you too! XO

  8. Oh, Willow Ozgood - what a handsome fellow. Beloved friend pets are never forgotten, are they. I still mourn the loss of our beloved Flat-Coat Retriever, Spooky, who died in 2005.
    Happy March to you - now let's both smile over the great happiness our precious (but now gone) pups brought us. :-)


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