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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hello Spring

Yesterday was a brand spanking new day of spring. That's a seasonal statement not a meteorological one. Yesterday Arizona blew through on it's way to Texas.

All of the blossoms of the fruit trees and my tulip tree are now scattered all over the ground. As are my outdoor decorations and cushions on my outdoor furniture. The back porch swing swayed so much yesterday that it sounded like someone was building a new addition onto the back of the house. We're talking sustained 30 mph with gusts of 45 or better. You couldn't even see the mountains for all of Arizona in the air.

But this isn't La Nina or El Nino this just springtime in NM. I didn't take any photos, I didn't want a sand blasted lens. It did calm down around dusk and we did, "where are my cushions?" come out, come out wherever you are. The kids and the dogs played outside and all is calm........until it starts again this morning. That's the price you pay for no humidity I guess.


  1. We have had the weirdest weather here lately, but nothing dangerous - but not like we have seen in years.

    I would take a strong wind to not have humidity, but our humidity doesn't get here until June. I can wait. :D

    Now go find your cushions. hee

  2. LOL, It has been windy here but maybe not that bad. Happy Spring.

  3. it gets pretty windy here sometimes too with all the open fields around us.

  4. We've been playing "pick up chairs" with our lawn chairs for the past month here in Texas, no matter what part we're visiting. My mint plants have been knocked out of their pots so many times it's a wonder they are still alive. I'm ready for some calm days.

    word vert: hoghtt. If the winds weren't blowing it would be awfully danged hoghtt here.

  5. Dang. And I complain about the wet and mud around here. At least my mud doesn't fly at my face and run off with my stuff. Not usually anyway. :-)


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