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Monday, March 21, 2011

so much for trying to play nice......please excuse me lovelies but this guy needs to be outted.

For those of you who are new or relatively new to my Gazette, you probably haven't heard my story of the paper bag boy. I had to quit venting about him because he stalked me here and would get upset and gripe to Shelley and so I stopped, not for him but because I didn't want to cause anymore problems for her but........as the saying goes......the time has come, the time is now.

So let me regale you with the tale of the Paper bag boy, shall we? I have a lovely daughter, Shelley and two fabulously entertaining grands Ry and GK. They all came to live with us, it will be two years ago this July. Prior to that they lived in hell.....er South Carolina with the paper bag boy. Paper bag boy had to move home to be close to the Queen of England (mom) and his backwoods bubba Daddy in Columbia, where people knew how to be nice to people. Cuz Gawd knows we here in New Mexico are a bunch of hooligans with no class.

Up to the time of their move in May 2007, they lived in our old house not but 1.2 miles away. So I got to see the grands lots. Paper bag boy had come from SC and married Shelley in 2003. The two had met while she was working in Mississippi.

Anyway, when Paper bag boy could no longer stand New Mexico and all the horrible hispanic people here (not that he is prejudice except for blacks, hispanics and anyone else who isn't a bubba just like him), he moved home to be close to mommy and daddy. He (PBB) has never had a stellar history at keeping a job but I don't think he worked but maybe 4 months the whole 2 years they lived there. Shelley stayed home at first but they couldn't have the luxuries they needed like food, rent, heat, lights, diapers, formula.....you know all those extras that growing kids need.......so PPB borrowed from us and his folks. And this is why Shelley left everything she had moved from NM to SC, all the furniture, dishes, glassware collection, and brought the kids toys and clothes and came home to some security, and shelter from the idiot storm.

Shelley filed her taxes this year and was going to receive a nice return that she was going to use to take the kids to Colorado to the Ren Faire and to put a down payment on her own car since she has been using our second car for almost two years. That is until today when she found out she would not be getting a return and would instead be paying off Darren Thomas Doar's $22,000.00 unpaid tax bill. And that's the balance after the kids vacation and the down payment on the car money.

He said today, just as he has for all these years,the same old lie....."honey, I'll take care of it". The only fool who believes this fool, is him. And now you know why I call him Paper bag boy.......the bag wins the IQ test.

Just in case you are wondering, yes, Shelley is in process of getting a divorce. Yes, Shelley is going to go to the IRS and give them a written testimony as to her copability but his non payment of taxes. Yes, Shelley is heartbroken, yet again, but this is just one more reason to kick this dumb ass to the curb. He has nailed the last nail in his coffin. Bye, Bye PPB.


  1. Piece of shit asshole.

  2. Oh my, something similar happened to me. Maybe you remember when a lien was placed on my bank account and my pay was garnished for almost two years for a bill I co-signed for my ex that he never paid. The bill itself was twenty years old, yet because a judgement had been taken out it was sold to the bill collectors who renewed the judgement. It's like a knife cutting into you when it happens. Men can really be creeps.

  3. I was going to say Piece of shit asshole, but my Jersey sister covered that for me lol
    Hugs for all of you! I hope he gets a really bad STD!!!!

    Hugs sweetie!

  4. I won't ask why she didn't start divorce proceedings when she first left him. thank goddess she is doing it now. What a slug. I narrowly escaped from a man like that myself. after we split up, after our divorce was final, he started sending me a single long stemmed red rose a day (because he still loved me y'see even though the day of our divorce, he had a date and it wasn't with me). After about two weeks the florist wanted ME to pay the bill. I just laughed.

    so sad about the vacation and car, but y'know, that can happen next year and this year she's getting free. Maybe the IRS will act human for once and not make her pay.

  5. If he owes 22K in taxes... that's just a percentage of money he's apparently blown elsewhere than on his wife and kids. :|

  6. Though my sassy Fellow-Jersey girl already said it once it bears repeating; what a piece of shit asshole.

    I hope the icy black heart of the IRS warms a bit for her and she gets out of paying for his stupidity once more.

  7. We went through this with Pooldad's ex wife - and it took us years to pay it off.

    She needs to file injured spouse status to get this cleared up. Since they are still married they may not allow her off the hook for his bills, but how can someone who doesn't/hardly work owe 22,000 dollars. A lot of that has to come from before they were married, so you might want to look into that.

    Another thing Shelly can do is change her deductions so she receives more money in her check [pay less out] and take her EIC over the year, instead of waiting until tax time to claim it - that way she won't have to give up a big refund next year. She shouldn't have to pay out much in her check for taxes.

    Good luck - this is a long row to hoe. I know, believe me.

    Call me if you need anything or I wasn't clear on what I said. Hugs darling.

  8. What everyone else said. Some people are just horrible and he is one of them.


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