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Friday, March 25, 2011

Earth Hour 2011

Lovelies.....you know I am a tree hugging, sandal wearing, Woodstock swearing, solitary witch who loves me some Mother Nature. So there ya go.
Tomorrow night between 8:30 and 9:30 pm alot of other wack jobs, love the earth, green minded folks are getting together world wide and shutting off our electricity for one hour. If that is something you think you might be able to do.....well then ta dam dah. It is a sign of love for where we live.

Thanks for reading my commercial for save our planet....after that we can all go back to being well what we are. Meet you in the dark lovelies. Blowing grateful kisses.


  1. love this gestures...it gives us hope!

  2. lovely mermaid lady who had the most glorious holiday in Isla Holbox, yes, hope is a wonderful thing.

    Marlene: Sitting there in your lovely forest of Christmas trees and waiting on a doll dress, thanks for your love of Mother Earth.


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