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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Happy Holidays....see ya again after New Year's...........

Doing like lots of the rest of the blogging community and taking a brief vacation. I'm gonna be spending time with the grands doing the Oma thing. I will still post on Olde Baggs but Ye Olde Crone is on vacation.

Happiest of Holidays to all of you.


  1. Happy Holidays to you too and of course to your grandchildren. Enjoy and then also Happy New Years!::hugs::

  2. See you - have a wonderful time with your family!

  3. Happy Holidays, my friend. Enjoy your time with the grandchildren.

  4. Merry Christmas! Enjoy your time off, enjoy your family and the season! See you in the New Year!

  5. Have a wonderful time with your grands, see you when you get back.


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