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Sunday, November 21, 2010

The rant is back....so what else is new?

Either I'm telling the truth on a quiz or I'm telling you how I feel about life....whadda ya gonna do?

This is my this time of year statement.....I hate people who are Holiday Lemmings. How can grown humans be so consumed with getting things for their loved ones and be rude and out of control in the process? It's one of life's cocker spaniel moments.

Having had 5 cocker spaniels in my life, I know that those little beasties will cock their sweet eyed heads when they are questioning something that happens close to them. Huh? to the left, What? to the right. Cute behavior, right??? That is what I feel like when I am in public after Halloween. I just tilt my head one way or the other as I watch normal appearing humans behaving like starving beasts at the sight of a new kill.

Much like the entrance to the church at the end of our neighborhood....you can never even assume that after church, these folks will look, take turns or behave like they are civilized let alone kind people as they go out to face the week as "churched people". Yikes. I can't tell you how many times I have inched past the driveway hoping like hades that they will have listened inside to the wages of sin.............the sin of arrogance and neglect, the sin of "yep, did church now get the hell outta my way", the sin of "the world is watching sports fans".....behave nicely. Whatever.

But at the malls and shopping centers, and big box stores, well, what can you expect? No one preached anything except on TV where it says "you better get your kid this one thing or they won't have a Happy Christmas"....this they believe.

Which brings me to the crux of the rant......everytime I see a "Believe" sign at Christmas I am dumbfounded. Believe in what? The reason for the season according to some, the Santa Claus mystic, the retailers bottom line, or the BS you have been fed to think that one day all year needs to be perfect and always lets you down?

I don't want you to think I don't have wonderful holiday memories and happy thoughts. I do. I'm sure you do as well. I can and do share those times and remember them every year. I would never want to rain on anyone's holiday hopes and dreams. But where we have come to and where I wish we were are totally different places.

Love should be the basis of all celebrations. Hope should be the cornerstone of every gathering and support should be the essence of every gifting and honoring experience. My thoughts, my wishes, my core belief. So when I am asked to believe.....I do but my belief is based in love, light, magick and passion to achieve goodness.

My wish for you is love my friends. Happy Thanksgiving week.


  1. Such sweet beliefs you have. As you wish for us so I wish for you.

  2. How about painting a pentacle on one of those "Believe" signs. Giggle - that would get my neighbours going! I know what you mean about the holiday crazies. It's too bad - they really ruin it for the rest of us!

  3. I think people with young children to buy presents for are the most obsessed or possessed or crazed because they do not want to disappoint their children, no matter whom they have to trample in the process.

    I am so glad my daughter is all grown and I'm no longer required to purchase gifts for anyone, unless I want to. People change, sometimes even for the better! Maybe we need a sign that says: "Be hopeful and don't despair!"

    Have a peaceful Thanksgiving! I't going to be just another day for me, one that I'm planning on sharing with my Gizzy and be thankful for being alive together ;-)

  4. I'm giving you a standing ovation, my friend!! I too am so tired of all this crap that is going on. I feel so sorry for the poor retail employees who have to get up from their Thanksgiving table to head on out the door to take care of wild, uncaring fools who have nothing better to do Thanksgiving evening but create lots of traffic and purchases that no one will remember within a month after Christmas.

    I, for one, will not and I'm screaming it out, WILL NOT be out there on the so called, "Black Friday" and the weekend...I've got better things to do like make something special for a family member or friend to fit under their Christmas tree or just sit and watch a great movie in my living room or read a good book...life's too short for such shopping stupidity.

    I don't call it the cocker spaniel moment, but the Scooby Doo moment!! LOL That's when Scooby does that shake of the head while saying "Scooby??" LOL As the great Bugs Bunny said, "Maroons!"

    Love ya,

  5. This time of year seems to bring out the worst in people at the stores. I am so thankful for the internet and not having to go to the malls to shop. Usually I don't have to go into a store except to get groceries. Wishing you a peaceful Thanksgiving!


  6. It's all this self-obsessed me-me society Linda. Least that's what I think. Not many care much about anybody else but themselves it seems, and boy does it seem to come out during the holidays. Love that bit about the after church services parking lot. Ain't that the truth?

    Happy Thanksgiving. Go and eat too much!! ;)

  7. I refuse point blank to buy into the Christmas hype. I have no tree (actually my teddy bears have a tree this year, but only because I think it'll make a cute selling prop - cynical? Moi?) I have a few wee decorations, but it's only me here in my wee room, and no-one else sees them, so I don't see the point in going all out.

    My gran, who I will be spending Christmas with my parents with, doesn't bother much either, we have a 2ft tree. Last year my mother forgot the stockings, and my dad left half the veggies in the greengrocers. We laughed. Our stockings were recycleable shopping bags instead, and we didn't starve.

    We have gift limits. I've known this since I was a very small child and we didn't have much money for presents as my dad was a student for the first 4 1/2 years of my life, and unemployed for a few months around my 5th Christmas. My mother said as I got older that this made me the most awkward child on earth to buy for - 'what would you like for Christmas?' 'whatever you like' 'no, really, what would you like?' 'I really don't mind'. I was a 'BBC' kid, and BBC TV has no adverts, so I didn't have the constant selling, plus, for me, the whole thing was about the great surprise of what someone else thought was perfect for me. We still do that to an extent, although after a few misses by my mum, I have given my parents a few suggestions of late ;o)

    For us it wasn't about spending loads of money, but having a few days off together to enjoy and exchange a few gifts. We don't do the traditional Christmas dinner either. I hate turkey. Absolutely loathe it. And at 17 my mum said 'well we've got the first Christmas where we do not have to cater for your granny's turkey fetish (someone else has done that now for the last 15 years thankfully!) so you cook whatever you like.' So now I make the dinner. I love to cook and don't get to do it for other people often, so that adds to my pleasure of the day.

    On the flip side, when I was 16 I lived in Canada for a year as a high school exchange student. The family I lived with were the ultimate in 'buying the season'. Total culture shock! Trees in every room festooned with loads of tinsel and baubles in colour schemes, plus wreaths and bunting and lights everywhere - we had one real tree at home, decorated with our own handmade decorations, felt shapes and saltdough creations, plus a box of multicoloured baubles that came from the old equivalent of the pound shop. Then there were the gifts. The 3 kids in my host family each got a Sega Game Gear, plus a large Nintendo console to share, and then loads of other board games and heaven knows what else. There was more food than we could have eaten 3 times over. Little of the toys were ever played with, and heaven only knows what the electricity bill was in January! A fortune was spent and no-one appreciated it.

    I will do the season my way, I will hand make all my gifts as usual, give out cards to my entire team at work, and try and dodge the office tins of chocolates! I will enjoy spending time with my parents and 86 year old gran. I will go to my local charity carol concert with my gran and sing my little heart out, as I don't get to sing at other times of the year, except to myself, and I will donate food, as usual, to the local shelter. I will also, under a certain amount of duress, dress up and dance at the office Christmas party (although I'm rather glad to be missing one of these outings as I have to go to Brighton with my bear to be judged!)

    Enjoy your Christmas :o)


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