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Monday, November 29, 2010

Day 21, 22, 23, 24, 25 of Truth

Day 21. (Scenario)Your best friend is in a car accident and you had a fight a couple of hours before. What do you do?
I would rush to wherever my friend was and offer whatever help I could give. Doesn't everyone fight? If I have a friend they are my friend and stuck with me, no matter what silliness may happen between us. 

Day 22. Something you wish you hadn't done in your life.
I wish I had I hadn't had my tubes tied after SM and I married. I would love to have had more children. More insanity, more grey hair, more grandkids, more noise, more love, more tears......yeah, more kids.

Day 23. Something you wish you had done in your life.
I wish I had kept up friendships with friends from school. It takes being a friend to have a friend and I got so busy with being wife, mommy and slave to the system that I just didn't make time for those people that were "friends" during school. I have friends but most are post early mommy days. It would be fun to see what and how they are doing.

Day 24. Make a play list to someone and explain why you chose those songs.
Every song I would put on the list would be because I like the singers/players. My music styles range from old foggie rock to new country to blues/jazz/soul to world music with lots of drums. I like to shake my old bootee.

25. The reason you believe you are still alive today.
Well it sure is not because I have taken good care of myself. It must be that I had/have something to get done in the time I have here and I am supposing I haven't done it yet.

I know I said I was going to wait until after the first of the year but I changed my mind. Hope you are all doing well. It's very cold and windy here. Todays shopping trip to get weekly necessities was brutal....but Shel and I rewarded ourselves with a coffee and a trip to the bookstore. Can't beat the bookstore.


  1. That was very interesting to learn about you.

    It has been quite mild and I'm ready for some cold and wind to blow all the smoke out of the air. People have been burning and it stinks!

  2. I agree with you on Day 23, I got caught up in daily life and let those old friends drift away. It's funny how I've reconnected with some friends since I joined Facebook. I think it gets harder to make good friends as I get older...or maybe I'm just out of practice?

  3. you know I love learning about you, I feel the same about the old friends, I got busy too, no excuse but yeah I could have been a better friend. hugs to you.

  4. Lots of topics. I was thinking about my ex's stepmother. She was actually his half sister (shared same mom). His father even adopted her when she was little. When his mother died, his father married the half sister. They actually had to leave the state to marry because it's illegal to marry your stepkid--duh. Well, she had him reverse his vasectomy so she could make a child with him--ick. Then, he got a vasectomy again and then she decided she didn't want the kid to be an only kid so he reversed it again and they had another kid and then he got a third vasectomy. I have never heard of anyone succeeding at that. Point being, the kids were horrible brats and ruined their marriage and their lives. I think it was a sign that relatives should not breed. A universal f-you sign. I had one kid and he was so ideal, I stopped with that. I knew the next one I had might be the runny-nosed brat that ruins my world and my sanity. It's always a crap shoot. If you have a big heart, which it sounds like you do, you accept that the universe gave you just what you needed and could handle.

  5. Love this post, Muchahca!! As for old friends, I have been very lucky to maintain my old friendships, well most of them. I still hang out with my Loretto Academy pals and just hooked up again with my "conmadre," we baptized each other's oldest sons. We were best pals in high school, but as you say, life gets in the way and we lose ourselves there for a while. I came close to calling an old friend from my St. Patrick Elementary school days...heard she was a teacher here in town, so I looked her up in the phone book and was ready to call this past summer, but something distracted me and I never got around to it again... probably the Lexapro yucks got me, however, your blog reminded me that I really need to call up my old pal, Cathy.

    And yes, there's nothing like a piping hot cup of java and a bookstore to remind you of the simple joys, especially when you're sharing that time with your daughter. I recall in my "single" years, after the separation and during the divorce, I would ask Andria if she wanted to go with me to Barnes & Nobles, on a Saturday night, and do some noshing and booking and she would turn her eyes back and say, "Mom, it's Sat. night and I'm going to be caught with you at a bookstore?" LOL She always came along anyway and to her surprise, there were always lots of mothers with their daughters doing the same on a Saturday night!! LOL

    Have a great week and remember....

    Loves ya,

  6. How did I not know about this other blog?!

    Day 21...really! What kind of question is that?


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