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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Bowling for Turkeys

So Shelley and I went to the grocery store to get a months worth of stuff for our pantry and freezer. I hate to send her out for anything more than apples, bananas, bread, milk. You know the basics that a family runs out of. Besides we always have fun together, but not so much alone.

We were of course getting our goodies for Turkey day. Not that we are doing a very traditional menu What we are having is turkey and corn on the cob cooked on the grill, sweet pea and cheese casserole, sweet potato fries, corn bread dressings with bacon, cranberry and orange salad, Grandma Sue's pumpkin dessert, and chocolate/pecan pie bars. Pumpkin Ale for the adults and mulled apple cider for the kids. 

On to the turkeys. We don't have a whole lot of room in our freezer, yay for us, so we were looking for a 10-14 pound number. As we approached the freezer case, I saw two other people looking for just the right bird. I waited until there was only one person left looking before I approached, when out of nowhere swoops three other people who started pitching turkeys like they thought they were trying to make a spare. I don't know about you but having had an experience where a frozen lethal turkey was plopped down on my poor little fingers, I was a little leery to put my hand into the fray. Shelley on the other hand, decided we would be there all day if we didn't get one and check out. Wow, really?????? I said, I didn't mind if we had chicken instead but noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo she could just get one and we would go.

Okay so after this crazed looking woman with really bad hair threw an 18-22 pound number towards Shelley which caused an avalanche of the others she had piled up that were not the winners of her perfect bird quest, Shelley yelped as one of the non winner met with her forearm. The bad haired woman never even skipped a beat in her quest for perfection. That's when I sauntered up to her (bad hair lady) and asked "can I help you find the bird of your dreams before you wound anyone else"? Not laughing or acknowledging anything she said. NO and kept on bowling for turkeys.

I'm telling you, the crazies are out there and then we can home and were glad of it. Put all of our goodies away included a cute little bird and celebrated another successful sortee into the world. Whew, dodged the bullet if not the turkey again.


  1. You had me rolling on the floor. My daughter, grand daughter, and I go food shopping together all the time, because we have so much fun.
    For us it is a social event, the only place were the both of us can spend money and it is a people watching event!
    I am sure others are watching us, but there is a bubble of invisibility as far as we are concerned.
    We don't have freezer so we go a lot more often, best to make the best of it.
    Have a great day!!

  2. Some how I always spend more when shopping with my daughter...

  3. Geez. Already? I don't get people sometimes. Glad nobody was injured badly.

    By the way, that sounds like a mighty fine Thanksgiving feast to me!

  4. Have a great Thanksgiving, ours was a month ago, so I think I am in need of a really good meal and lovely friendship. what time should I come over.

  5. I hate grocery shopping anyway, especially close to an important holiday, so I do my shopping either very early during the week (when most people are at work - hopefully) or very late the night before. We just have one grocery store here in town and I pretty much know when to avoid going there, like NEVER go around 5 any time during the week and NEVER EVER on Saturdays afternoon... but, then I live alone (well, with Gizzy) and we don't do turkey anyway. I think I'll just get a nice chicken and bake it for the ambiance and good scent - because I love the scent of chicken/turkey baking in the oven. It's so festive and full of anticipation. Eating it to me is no big deal because I'm not much of a meat eater anymore, but Gizzy will be thrilled and I'll be mopping all the next day LOL

  6. Grocery shopping is SO boring by yourself! I usually try to strong arm Joe into going along to keep me company, but he is often and easily distracted by the big case of fancy cheeses.

    Sounds like I'm glad that I'm not cooking this year! I'd hate to be assaulted with frozen turkeys. ;)

  7. Laughed so hard I almost wet myself. I get to avoid the Turkey bowling this year as my daughter is doing the family get together, since I don't really have a house at the moment.
    Your dinner sounds soooooo yummy.

  8. Oh no, I'm going to buy our turkey tomorrow. Maybe I'll get up early and get to the store before the crazies are out. Remember two years ago when there was a shortage of turkeys? There was not a fresh or frozen turkey to be found in our little town. The crazies were really stalking the meat aisle of the supermarket.

  9. How knew shoppin' for a turkey could be so dangerous. This Ozark Farm Chick had a 25 pounder we have 35-37 comin' to the Ponderosa for Thanksgiving. We do a ham too!

    You post had me crackin' up... we have actually had such events 'round these parts.

    From the happy hills and hollers of the Ozark Mountains ya'll have a wonderfully blessed weekend!!! :o)

  10. Obviously the Bad Hair influenced the brain... maybe ate it??? I'm glad you cried 'FOWL' lol lol lol

    Sorry for not visiting back earlier - the anniversary dinner was a total non-event (went down with flu: OK in the morning, and by evening I was in bed!) Peter's got it as well, so we've been housebound the entire week. I only really got going again yesterday, and still feeling cottonwool-ish so big apologies for not leaving a comment earlier.

    Have a great weekend!

  11. The dangers of national holidays! Our frenzy is still to come, with Christmas followed by even bigger frenzy at Hogmanay (New Year). I hope your crazy turkey woman enjoyed her bird after all her stress. Something tells me she probably didn't.


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