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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Day 13

13. A band or artist that got you through some tough times.

Oh now this is going way back to my college days. I broke up with a guy that I thought was "the one". He loved to listen to the Supremes....when we brokie up  I listened to "My Guy" until the grooves on the record were almost destroyed. What a meme that was. Also another song during that time...I don't remember the artist but the song was "Will you marry me Bill????". Play um, cried and then another cutie patootie came along and liked Steppenwolf and I forgot all about Bill, the Supremes and being meme.


  1. Funny Bagg. I know a lot of songs remind me of friends and good times growing up but not boyfriends. Although there are a lot of songs tied up in memories with Pooldad. heehee

  2. Oh the memories songs bring back. Thanks for sharing.

  3. We are of the same vintage darling....My Guy, was my favorite song for years...swoon or what...those were great days!


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