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Friday, November 5, 2010

Okay, you asked for it and now you've got it.....

Even though I have the head cold from hades, this is Sweet Man's day off and he wanted to drive. For as long as we have been married, he loves to take road trips. Short ones, long ones, some with destinations, some spur of the moment, but he really loves to drive. So that's what we did.

We traveled up North again. This time our destination was Arroyo Seco. This wonderful village established in 1806 was just off the Camino Real and was an enclave for the Hispanic families that lived there with the garrisoned troops until about 1825. So we drove from ABQ thru Santa Fe thru Espanola and up further north.

The trees, particularly the cottonwood's leaves were the same color as highway sign yellow/orange. Honest I swear. I have never seen them this vibrant. I think it must be that we had more rain than usual, we hit it on the perfect day and the trees were at their peak and the universe rewarded us with a fun and interesting ride.

Anyway through the years...the dreaded hippies moved into the area, tee hee and there was an actual commune established there. This village is located just north and west of Taos and is between Taos and Taos ski valley. Gorgeous pine forest and lush cottonwoods, aspens and other "I don't know trees". We actually were looking for property to buy. Didn't find anything in that area but......near Embudo which is down the road towards Santa Fe, we found a property. We'll see. The house is huge, the property backs up to the Rio Grande and some of the trees on the property are over 100 years old...............oh be still my heart.

But to the reason for the post. Here is that promised picture of my hair .


  1. Oh, I so loved seeing an autumn tree. We don't have them here. Well, we get a few in the desert at Yule time, but nothing that beautiful. Nice pictures. The picture of your eye revealed so much pain, but then I'm psychic and eyes tell everything. You left yourself quite open with that shot. You might consider taking it down. It gives people full access to your inner world. I'd feel vulnerable giving people deep access to your soul, but I'm assuming you're pagan and you know how to protect yourself. I enjoy your writings. You write with your voice. It's quite unique.

  2. Those cottonwood trees are awesome, such beautiful colors, sorry to hear you were not feeling well, that darn season is among us for sure. I love your hair and the way you wear it. feel better, hugs.

  3. I like road trips too, but VERY short ones. Can't take being in a car very long anymore. That tree is just beautiful - we don't have that down here. Good luck with the property should that be the direction you go.

    Oh! Now I see what you meant about your eye. That's interesting! And your hair is gorgeous indeed.

  4. Love the eye picture. You do have really great hair!

  5. Your hair is beautiful, mine at the moment is about the same length but I have an appointment for a cut on the 10th. Love the reflection in your eye, such a great photo.

  6. ~linda...hhhmmm...property! i think i may have missed something here!?! shall i keep my fingers crossed for you my dear...and look at your hair...it is gorgeous!! and your eye...how crazy is that picture...crystal clear reflection of your sweet man...your color is unique and beautiful...wishing you and yours a wonderful weekend ahead...much l♥ve and light shining brightly upon you and yours~

  7. Sounds like a lovely day off with your man, dreaming of new land, and enjoying the beauty of the road. Your writing style is unique...it always makes me feel nourished by your goodness. Thanks for the award. I will be posting it next week. Visiting here is very relaxing.....best, Susan xox

  8. I LOVE your hair. Mine is not quite so long anymore, but not because of my age, but because the ends all dried out. That tree is magnificent. Our trees are still in the process of changing...nothing that vibrant.

  9. Your trip looks amazing, I would love to take a driving trip through the mountains of Taos...you are sooo lucky! & your long silvery hair is absolutely GORGEOUS!!! I also love your silver hair tie!
    Big Hugs,

  10. I think you live in one of the most beautiful states I have ever been in.
    I loved going for the "drive" with you and seeing it again.
    Thank you!

  11. Hi, I so love New Mexico especially the area around Taos. It is one of my favorite destinations. Last summer the G-man (my husband) and I took the High Road from Taos to Espanola. Great drive!!! I have several posts about New Mexico in my August blog. I'll be back to your blog for a visit soon.


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