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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Kitchen Magic, just in time to amaze, confound and make ya scratch your noggin

I know that I saw this on someone's blog about two weeks ago....but in typical Oma style, I was busy doing something else and didn't write it down. That being said, please note that I have since gone onto the internet and found several others out there with instructions for this as well.

It takes alot to keep the attention of my family....we all must suffer from ADD in greater and lesser degrees, so when we spent more than 90 minutes glued to our chairs in the breakfast room with this project.....well it needs to be shared.

Items you will need are a rather large shallow bowl (not metal), milk (ours was 2%), food coloring, dish washing soap, and thin wooden sticks (we used paint brush ends but you could use skewers, small dowels, toothpicks etc).

Pour the milk into the shallow bowl, about 3/4" deep. Add at least two (we used all four) colors and then dip the very end of your wooden stick into dish soap. Place the dipped end of the skewer into the milk and watch what happens. Do not move the skewer around. Just let the "energy" move the colors.

With some of us the color ran away from us only to surface elsewhere in the bowl. For others, it was like it was rushing to us. And then for GK she made tidepools of different colors while making a design circle with all the colors. I only have two still pictures but I did get some of our activity on a video and I posted it on youtube. Check it out....it's really fun.
I hope you will enjoy the video of the stinky shoe.....huh???



  1. This looks like fun! Hope you are well,


  2. Looks like a fun experiment. Did you know you can put water in a bowl and sprinkle pepper over the top. Then put one drop of dish soap in the water at one edge. Watch what the pepper does...

  3. This looks way cool, guess what I will be trying soon. Always great reading about your fun days, I love to play like you do. I think that is what will keep us young forever. hugs.

  4. ~right up our alley...will be trying this this week...especially since my wee littlest l♥vest anything with food coloring!! thanks for sharing...warm wishes and brightest blessings~

  5. How interesting - I have never heard of doing that before...

    I wish you and your family a very lovely autum and a great week! (I love this weather!)


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