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Monday, October 18, 2010

Introducing the Missing Generation.....

For those of you who have been following this blog as well as Olde Baggs n Stuft Shirts you know that my grands and their Momma moved in here with us in July 09. But what you don't know too much about is my beautiful, talented and loving daughter Shelley.

There is a reason for that. She is much more than the Mother of my Grands. She is much more than a loving daughter, she is one of my best friends. And being such, I have respected her privacy and her wishes when it came to blogging about her role in our household for the past 15 months. As a matter of fact she will be a guest blogger here by the end of the week. I am pumped. I am thrilled. I am relieved.

The kids and Shelley moved here because she could no longer allow her children to live without the basic necessities of life. After they arrived here I was, needless to say, pissed about how the man that had insisted that they had to leave New Mexico because no one here knew how to behave in an appropriate manner and he was taking them to South Carolina where his family was and the manners and people in SC were far superior to backward NM, would not keep a job long enough to provide basic things like food, shelter, clothing, safety, love for my family.

Even a minor explanation to you the reader and he would berate Shelley and drone on and on about my unfairness to him. He is such a very "small" man, not in height but heart. He wounded all three of them and then blamed it on us. Because we loved them enough to give them sanctuary. But because I love my daughter with my life, I would not say anything about him so that he would not cause problems for Shelley.......................but.........

Remember the sunshine I reported to ya'll last week? Well the light has reached every part of our lives and he can bitch til the cows come home and who gives a big one now.

So for all of you who know what it is like to be out from under the thumb of an abuser, rejoice with us. For those who are still there but need encouragement....stay tuned. And for you, Paper Bag Boy, if your reading this.....suck air.


  1. nothing worse than a bully...we have all experienced a little of that...but when kids are involved....get ready!...good for you and yours! best, susan

  2. Hooray for making great strides towards peace and contentment!

    word vert: racepi. I have this great racepi for spaghetti.

  3. Big Smile on my face and hugs to you and your daughter.

  4. Thank God she and the kids have you! Looking forward to meeting Shelley.

  5. So glad to hear she escaped the abuse!

  6. Linda - you are brilliant! ("Paper Bag Boy" - lol!)

    People sometimes don't realize verbal abuse is just as bad as physical abuse because it can really break your spirit. Your daughter and grands are so lucky to have you and your open arms! What a blessing to have such a close family.

    Really looking forward to your daughter's guest post!



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