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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Day 2

2. Something that you love about yourself.

I know this is going to sound very narcissist but I have always been in love with my eyes. As a kid I didn't like much about myself and to me it seemed that my eyes were the best feature I had.

I am a very normal looking person. Overweight, white, thinning hair, can't physically do what I remember being really good at doing but my eyes have just gotten prettier. Lighter as I have gotten older.

I have hazel eyes, with a witch's spot (a dark section of the iris) in my left eye. If I were to have been born a few centuries earlier I never would have made it to 60. Bad spot, witch spot, mark of the devil.....all names for this birth mark. My eyes were dark brown edges with a really dark green center section when I was younger so most people didn't notice the color and would say I had brown eyes.

In my forties my eyes started the lightening process and I had people stop me while I was out shopping to tell me I had something in my eye. Like I wouldn't notice it if I had a big dark blog hanging there. And now.....my eyes are a golden brown, moss green in the center and well the spot is almost like an elongated iris only to the side of the original. SPOOKY. And no, my lovely daughter has just green eyes and both of the grands have root beer colored eyes with no sign of the spot. But that's not to say they won't have babies with the spot.

It is an inherited trait. My Daddy Jack (grandfather) had one and so did his sister Hazel. My own mother had light hazel eyes, no spot just like her grandmothers eyes. So to the Scotch/Irish eyes, cheers.


  1. Your eyes sound wonderful to me. Can you post a pic??


  2. I like how your last couple of posts have been! and I want to see a pic of you and your eyes!
    have a sweet night

  3. Well obviously I love Day 2 of the challenge, because not only do I embrace my own narcissism, but I love it in others as well. Your eyes sound fantastic, and yes, it's funny to think that a few centuries ago people would have done very bad things to you for those eyes. It makes them and you even more special.

  4. I think your eyes sound very intriquing, glad we are not living back in the day....some of the strange beliefs. hugs.


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