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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Well he's done it again and I am at a place where it is beyond belief......oh yeah we are talking about Ry

Hey, I'd love to report that all is calm on the western front, but that would be a big fat lie.

The 6 year old, born to make me crazy, boy who resides here with the rest of us peasants got cleared by his eye surgeon on Friday. The news is even better than expected. He now has depth perception. That means he can now see the ball coming towards him and will have a chance to play, like most of the rest of the little boys his age.

Now comes the other shoe drop. After getting the great news....the little donkey was jumping on the bed and fell and broke the same wrist in the same place that he broke last year before they came to live with us. Ride on donkey. Last year, while still in South Carolina, he fell off of a bunk bed and broke it.

The after hours pediatric practice that saw him couldn't set his wrist but referred him to Carrie Tingley Pediatric Hospital but the casting department was closed until today. Now guess how easy it was to once again keep the little donkey quiet, leave the splint alone and comfortable, all very, very long weekend? Judas Priest.

This kid has been to school 2 days, has surgery. Stays home for a week, changes schools and attends his new school for 3 days, gets good news, breaks his wrist, tortures all of us all weekend long with removing his brace numerous times and will finally go to school tomorrow with a bright red cast on his arm. I know, I am telling myself BREATHE.

Here is a picture of the little donkey and a real little donkey taken this weekend as we went for an extended drive yesterday so his Mother didn't eat him, oh yeah his sister too.
donkey to donkey


  1. Gosh, I am sorry to hear that about Ry. A bright red cast, huh? My how things have changed.

  2. Whoo...you 're making me tired! Boys will be boys...and some more than others....breathe, then maybe a big glass of wine.....red for the cast, of course...

  3. OMG...your little donkey has had a rough time of it! If I was him, I'd be hee hawing up a storm...& kickin up my heels. Have you signed his cast yet? Poor little dude!
    I wish you lived closer...you could go to the mountaintop yard sale extrazaganza with me, I'd share my vintage booty with you. {well, I do have a vintage booty, but you know what I mean :) }
    Smiles & just keep saying...that'll do donkey, that'll do. {our favorite saying from Shrek}

  4. Good lord. I'm exhausted too! I'm with Susan. In fact, hold on ... I think that I'll have one with ya!! Okay ... now! Here's to better days ahead. Cheers.

  5. I think perhaps a leash and harness are in order!
    He seems to bounce back like rubber ball so thank goodness for that!

  6. Where is the word rest in all of this for you! sorry about Ry breaking his wrist,,,,do like the color red,,,,and love the pics. take care, hope you get a chance to just sit for a few. hugs.

  7. OMG, Poor Ry - It is just one thing after another for that poor boy. He sounds like he is all boy for sure and very typical. He will be the hit at school with his red cast. So sorry Linda that you have all this to deal with. Keeps life interesting though. Hugs to you.

  8. Could only happen to you!! Hope that said little donkey is doing better and his little wrist heals soon...hey, a big red cast...how kewel is that!!!?? Sign my name on it from me!! LOL

    Got a call from my daughter yesterday and she was quite concerned because the 6 year old terror told her he didn't like that salt pack his step-dad had packed in his lunch...you know, that silica packet!!!!!! Speaking of donkeys!!!! He apparently just had one little ball and knowing him, spat it out across the table hitting someone in the face with it. So I told her to call her father since he's a doctor, well, dentist, and she didn't want to talk to him...she's not playing in his backyard right now...don't know, don't care, but I told her to then Google it and call the poison control centre...I personally have never had this problem!! LOL Long story, he's fine and there will be no permanent effects or damage, such as , sterilization, enlarged glands, blindness, high blood pressure, prostrate, etc.

    Love ya and the chivos send their love,

  9. Life is never dull around Chez Olde Crone, is it? Deep breaths, wine after the kiddos are in bed, snuggles with SM, and TAKE SOME TIME FOR YOURSELF! That is all.

    word vert: surgensl. The surgensl love Ry once they find he's been playing with his splint and cast! (does G**gle know what you've been writing about to come up with these verts????)


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