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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A side on the Ry front....

Please don't think I was complaining about Ry. Would be akin to spittin' into the wind.

I was just updating you on our latest insanity. Bless his pointed head. What's that old saying??? "If it weren't for bad luck, I'd have not luck at all". Well we need to generate some positive ju-ju for the little donkey. He has all the effects of the Mercury retrograde having had it's way with him. And we are ready for the very good stuff. (Remember he is my birthday twin, so we are both effected by similar celestial happenings).

New Moon, come on bring the good stuff. We're more than ready. Although this morning at breakfast...little snark said a very normal "male" thing. I asked him what he was thinking about because he had this far way look in his eye and he said (I swear some of you will get this instantly. Mainly the one's who have been married for awhile) "nothing". And I asked him where he learned to think about nothing, sorta a Zen question huh? Donkey answered.....at school.

And the thing is, I believe him. Having come from a school where he was warehoused for an entire school year with severely affected youngsters.....I can believe he learned to think about lots of nothing. But not now......now he is at, as he calls it, regular school. Game on Donkey. The thinking will begin.

Another aside. I was reading this post to Sweet Man (sorry Holly) and when I got to the part about "what he was thinking about"....SM answered (I swear on GK's soul) "NOTHING".
And ya'll wonder why I am as scary crazy as I am.


  1. Some people call it meditation...teehee...

  2. Aw, I thought that was a cute nickname for hubby -- when I thought you were writing SWEAT MAN...but SWEET MAN??? ARGH!!!

  3. I must be a man then....I'm always thinking of nothing!! LOL


  4. Where do they learn that "nothing" thing???? At least Ry now has the opportunity to think more at his current school--hopefully a teacher there will work to challenge him and his poor distracted little brain.

    Word vert: vidom. In this country I have the vidom to disagree with you. And that's a good thing.


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