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Thursday, September 9, 2010

I'm gonna make a political statement......hide your eyes??????????

Lovelies, I don't usually "go there" but I cannot not say something about the threat being posed on the US by a very misguided and I have read others say "evil" man.

What kind of fool child is this man who is going to burn the Quran to commemorate the horror of 9-11? Does he not expect that someone is gonna get equally upset and retaliate? No, I guess not. Interpol just issued a warning that the possibility is very high that there will be a "terrorist backlash" to this action. A big fat duh.

Timothy McVay, took his personal interpretation, readings of the Bible, to heart, and carried out a heinous terrorist act in Oklahoma City, did you see any book burning then?

Being an extremist in any way makes no sense to me. Do we Americans, who survived both of these tragedies, not think that some of the victims were Jewish, Pagan, Buddhist, Muslim, Native American or do we think everyone went to Sunday go to meeting and were all of that bent. HELLO. I am not in favor of rubbing any persons nose in shame, I'll leave that to others who are so much better at it than I am but I will say...change the channel here WTF is blaring some strange stuff. And this idiot pastor (my own opinion) will have retribution rain down on innocents again. And this is in the name of what??????

Will burning any book make the thought, belief system, practice of said religion or misinterpretation of the writings of the any book of faith go away?????? yeah in lala land. This guy says he'll cease and desist
if he gets a call from Pres. Obama, Head of Joint Chiefs, or Homeland Security. Does that give you his heart motive.....can we all say publicity. Well, with politically correctness in force, they have all issued statements but this idiot is still waiting for a phone call, ya'll. My humble advice, pick up the phone and call this bastard off. okay????


  1. It's all getting carried away. The mosque is going to be built. The more people carry on, the more it instills rage in the fundamentalists. Being a New Yorker, it is kind of frightening.

  2. There sure are some strange and dangerous people in this world. You'd think that as a pastor he has more sense that pulling that ridiculous stunt!

  3. The problem is, the more attention this guy gets, the more wacked he's going to get...

  4. I heard about this guy on the news the other night, it is ridiculous....you could not have said it any better. I do agree with Sandra.

  5. Well since we already had the convo' on the phone - I will just reiterate this guy is a screaming idiot. BAH! It will be the nutcases that used the Koran as their reason for destroying the towers/Pentagon and PA that retaliate - the same way this loon is interpreting his brand of Christianity to support the burning of something held dear to many.

    Book burning, in and of itself is bad, but to take something this sacred and burn it to get attention from the President? The man should be kicked out of his parrish/excommunicated/shunned/tarred and feather or at best stoned. He just wants his two seconds of fame - unfortunately he is getting a whole lot more that is going to cost this country even more - anyone ever heard of propoganda? And they wonder why a lot of the world hates us.

    What a moron.

  6. The man is a very dangerous idiot (my opinion). You said it very well Linda.

  7. Thanks for the comments lovelies. I adore all of you so.
    The latest on the "dangerous" idiot.....I don't know. Will he, won't he. He's supposed to fly to NY with the local Iman (who by the way was so spot on with his comments about this being a situation that needed attention). But you lovelies are right too, this idiot now has what he wanted...attention.


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