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Friday, September 10, 2010

This will be a once upon a time tale to protect the guilty

Once upon a time, there was a heartless, soulless, letcher who preyed on anyone who would allow it and some who tried to not allow it.

This letcher was protected by his family at all costs. This letcher produced offspring letchers who learned from the hands and other body parts of the master letcher. Who, for all purposes, probably also learned from some older perv. They learned their lessons well.

The family legacy was heinous and ugly. Many innocents were used by this family of lying creatures. Some by contact, some by connection, some just by standing by and allowing the letcher and his spawn to continue the evil they perpetrated on the innocents.

But Karma raised her lovely head and dealt the letcher a terrible punishment. The letcher loved to chase balls with a stick through the greens and roughs. But because the letcher wasn't very good at the game the roughs called to him more and more. Finally, one day, a rough called to him and he had to crawl through it to find his missing ball.

As the letcher was hacking his impatient way throught the underbrush, his stick hit a yellowjacket nest and Karma whispers, "bite him everywhere you can my warriors". The yellowjackets listened well and the letcher had to go to the hospital with bites to parts all over his ugly old letcherous body.

Tee Hee says I, but the happily ever after is that Karma ain't finished yet.


  1. Like I always said, "What goes around, comes around."

  2. Karma is a just but often painful bitch and that's why I love her.

  3. Looking forward to more karma stories about the ol' letcher...


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