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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Life when you least expect it..................

I have been sickly again. I'm not complaining, just informational ya'll. This is my third bout with "pneumonia" in less than 8 months. Well to be perfectly honest with you, I don't think so, I mean the diagnosis.

You all know that I hate...shame on my name, doctors. I don't exactly have a deep respect for their occupation.....because I believe for many, they are just going through the motions....not called to healing as a passion. At least the ones I have come into contact with lately.

When I was a kid, my Mother was always taking me to the doctor. I think she had a crush on him and that's why the Munchhausen thing. Well not full blown but I sure as hell had a lot of penicillin shots and ear checks and even a tonsillectomy and metabolism tests for a kid who was not sick much. The D.O. we saw was a newbie and I was his first cesarean section baby so there ya go.

Anyway, I am slightly more that disgusted with my state of health and will be going to see a pulmonary specialist. My call not the doctor's. It was my suggestion based on my recent history. Heck, they would have let me continue to come in and get antibiotics and steroids until somebodies cows come home. When I made the request for a referral.....it was like she was a goose and this was a brand new day. Oh yeah, says she, that might be a good idea? Right then I wanted to share an email with her that a friend shared with me. Even the calendar knows my thoughts after Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, WTF.

Venting ya'll, not anything important.


  1. I'm sorry to hear that you are feeling sick again. Yes, I do agree you need to see a specialist. That's far too many times to have pneumonia. Isn't it awful though in these plans where you cannot make your own decisions, that you can only see a specialist if you 'get permission'? I have had to give up my eye, ear, and nose specialists because I can never get past the primary....after spending 20 years with them....and all this and I am paying over $100 a month for medical? Best to cut it short here because I can really get going on this one.

  2. Yes, it is important...if you see a doctor, you expect they to at least think about what is wrong and who can fix it...not just repeat the same treatment over and over...Like you, I'm a bit down on the medical society...

  3. Lit a candle and thought of your health...hope it helps...

  4. Doctors can be pill pushers and little else....Chinese medicine is so much more on the preventative side. Pneumonia can be rough...take it easy...ya right....but slow down some anyways....... a neti pot is my best friend.......

  5. Susan...I've heard the neti pots are really good...my daughter uses one...I'm chicken...

  6. So sorry Linda, I am glad you are going to see a specialist. If it turns out it really is pneumonia, when you are feeling better you might consider getting the pneumonia vaccine.

  7. ~linda...healing blessing upon you...you are important...your mind your body and your thoughts you share...none of us would be here reading if we did not care about you and what is happening in your day to day...i too have a hard time with doctors...a firm believer in accupucture...it kept our littlest seizure free for almost a year and a half and well insurance feels one should only be alloted 12 visits per year and so the story goes...you run out of visits...money and are forced back to the lovely doctors THAT THEY WILL COVER UNLIMITED AMOUNTS OF VISITS...go figure right...one can not fully chose how they wish to be treated...well i guess you can but you chose to do so without insurance and for some that is not so easy...sorry for the ramble...its ever so frustrating...i wish you well with this specialist...much l♥ve and healing wishes upon you~

  8. I'm sorry you're not feeling well - and the scary part is that it's hard to find good help. You're almost better off doing your own herbal thing sometimes - It takes a long time to find a good doctor that will listen to you. I have searched and finally found one who is willing to communictate with me - a lot of them won't nor want to. I have no use for a doctor who will not take a moment to listen to me.

    I will pray for you and hope you'll be feeling better real soon.

    With Love,

    Doris and Gizzy

    p.s. I'm soaking wet -been outside catching rainwater with every kind of empty container I can round up - it's raining cats and dogs today :-) I love it!

  9. Oh wow, I had no idea that you've been suffering like that. I sure hope that you can figure out why.

    I'm not a fan of doctors either and can't even recall the last time that I went to my GP. When I was a smoker, I went pretty much annually for a respiratory infection, but I'm otherwise blessed to be pretty healthy. I quit that habit 7 years ago. AND, if it weren't for The Hatefuls next door and the Dope Heads on the other side, both apparently pyromaniacs who have kept me ill with respiratory issues for pretty much the entire spring and summer with burning leaves and smoking up the atmosphere with soot and crap - I think I'd be feeling pretty darned good!! I finally threatened both of them with a lawsuit, but I've already suffered so much at their hands. So tired of being the "nice girl" who expects other people to "do the right thing." I am guessing I'm going to have to start taking some daily allergy meds to counter this crap and THAT really ticks me off.

    Looks like I needed a vent too Linda LOL!! :)

  10. I'm so sorry that you're ill once again my dearest olde bagg. I think the medical profession is in desperate need of some new blood and a few genuine folks who actually care about their patients and are willing to work with them towards a real solution as opposed to tossing the same bottle of pills your way and collecting their fee as quickly as possible each time you enter their office. I have a lot of the same feelings towards doctors and avoid them as often as humanely possible.

    I hope the specialist is more helpful than your doctor (sounds like a bag of rocks may be more helpful at this point... at least you could whack the doctor with it!) and that you're feeling right as rain in due time. I'm sending you loads of love and lighting a little green healing candle for you. *hug*


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