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Friday, August 27, 2010

This little light of mine.......

Every since I was a young child, I have, for whatever reason, been keenly aware of light. How a room looks say in autumn versus how the same room looks in spring. Some of my most vivid childhood memories are of how the light looked during an event rather more than the event itself. Seasonal light has such different qualities to each one. My favorite time of the year comes with the more mellow, golden tones of the autumnal light. I especially like the way the sunshine looks streaming in through the south facing window in my dining room about 11 o'clock in the morning. Soothing little streams of gold and citrine fill the space.

This is the gazing ball on my front patio. I put halogen holiday lights inside and put the light on a timer so that it greets everyone who comes to my front door with a welcoming glow. That way we don't have to have the front porch light on an attract the buggies to come and visit. It has such a dreamy quality to it's glow.

Along the same lines, I love lamps, candles, flashlights, fire, stars, the moon and of course the sun. As you know I have been gleening through my belongings and trying to pare down what owns me. I have already had 2 garage sales and will be involved in a 3rd at a friends place, which brings me to the number of lighting elements I have to sell. I was kinda surprised by the number of lamps, holiday lighting, rope lighting, candles and outdoor lights I have that I don't use. So the next sale will be made up mostly of things that illuminate. It is timely....it is getting darker earlier, thank goodness, and maybe that elemental fact will help me sell these illuminators that I do not use.

This seems to be a never ending quest on my part. Just when I think I have cleaned out every possible hiding place I may have created...there is another. Just when I feel like I have finally cleared the last vestiges of crapee, there is more to clear. Oh well, it's good for my soul. Keeps me readjusting my viewpoint on what is important and what is unnecessary. Or so I tell myself as I cart out yet another box to the car to take to one charity or another.

I hope you have a lovely and productive weekend. I'm gonna keep on keeping on.


  1. I know how things just keep piling up or showing up, not sure which. The more I give or throw away the more I have.
    I love your gazing ball.

  2. That gazing ball is simply gorgeous. Would love to see it in person. This is my favorite time of the year, too...so many beautiful colors.

  3. I think that gazing ball is so beautiful - love that blue - looks like royal, my favorite of the blues!

    Please, link away - you have my permission to send your friends to see the video about the turtles on my blog and whatever else they want to look at - I thought that turtle video was so incredible to not share with my friends.

    I like the way you say "stuff that owns me" because if you really think about it, those are the chains that bind, aren't they? Good for you to declutter and set yourself free :-)

    Happy weekend, my friend :-)


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