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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Santa Fe International Folk Art Museum Labyrinth

I just adore where I live. There are so many things to see and do, even for gimpy old woman like me. Joe alias Sweet Man and I try once a week to have a get away time. With his crazy new work schedule he deserves to just sleep his days off away, but he insists that we go somewhere away from the "hub bub" (also known as the insanity palace called home).

Not long ago we went on a day trip to Fanta Se Island or to those of you who do not know it......Santa Fe, full of chee chee, too many tourists, tiny streets, mecca for movie stars and those that wish they could see some, artsy and beyond and so many wonderful and fantastic museums and galleries. My favorite is the International Folk Art Museum. Filled (literally) to the top with collections of one of everything (well that may be a slight exaggeration).

Outside is a labyrinth. I don't know if any of you have taken a walk in a labyrinth but it is meditative, fun and sometimes confusing, depending on your point of view or attitude. Sweet Man has never wanted to walk one with me before. I was pleasantly surprised when he just went first. It was a delight to see him experience something new to him. This one is constructed perfectly in that upon reaching the center....if you speak....your voice surrounds and consumes you. It gave both of us goose bumps. It also gave us a new appreciation for the uniqueness of what surrounds us, dwells within us and gave us a spring in our steps we had been lacking.

isn't this gorgeous
The top photos are just some random pictures from some of the exhibits. More posts to come from some of the unique special collections.


  1. Cool place, I have never walked a labyrinth before and never had the opportunity. Sounds like fun and I will walk one if ever I get the chance.

  2. Linda, how exciting. I wish I could live there in New Mexico. My son lived there once. You are right about so much to do over there. It's so nice that you both got away for a little while. Thanks for sharing your fun.

  3. I love the Folk Art Museum...one of my fav places to go when I'm up that way. Am in Phoenix right now but will be returning to the hot house I call home today...have really gotten used to this refridgerated air conditioning!!! I've actually gotten chilled...forgot what that felt like!! LOL

    Will email you tomorrow...have some good news, at last!!

    Love ya and I left the goats at home,

  4. Gosh, I surely hated Santa Fe when I lived there. Roasted in summer, froze in winter, and poor ALL YEAR LONG. lol.

  5. Your labyrinth photos are neat. I also liked the exhibit pictures.

    The labyrinth reminded me to mention that some farmers have them in cornfields up here in Ohio. Imagine on a hot and humid day being in a maze in the middle of a steaming cornfield and trying to keep from screaming, "HELP! I gotta go to the bathroom!"

    And, they charge several dollars to get in.

  6. I lived in Santa Fe, NM, almost 34 years ago where my daughter was born. I'm sure a lot has changed because I don't remember the Labyrinth you're talking about, of course, I was pregnant and too preoccupied with the upcoming baby than to go sight seeing. I only lived there for 8 months and the only thing I remember going to was the race track (they had the best coffee) and the Mall where I tried getting my baby's photo taken with Santa Claus...at that time, there was not much in terms of arts and entertainment, except the Sunday display of Indian Jewelry at the towns market place. I'd like to go back now and see how it's changed.

    Thanks for the info and the photos :-)

  7. ~i have never been nor have i seen or walked a labyrinth before...i l♥ve the words you used to describe you feelings as you walked...something i long to experience even just once...thank you so for sharing your day and most delighted you and sweetman are savoring your days together...time is so important...much l♥ve and light upon you~


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