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Friday, August 20, 2010

Duck, duck, goose............

As I was editing the pix from our "last day before school starts" adventure on Tuesday at the only beach here in ABQ. Yes we are surrounded by sand but it's the water thing that keeps us from having that perfect beach situation...tee hee. We, the grands and us olde folks, went to Tingley Beach which is a series of ponds for model boating, fishing, paddle boats, a gazillion geese and ducks and the zoo train station. The train connects the bioparks, aquarium, zoo and botanical gardens. In the past few years the city has really made an effort to upgrade the whole area and it is really beautiful.

The kids got to work off some energy and we got to enjoy a outing to somewhere different. We had lunch at a place where I used to go on lunch hour when I was in middle school. Truly old school, tee hee. It's called the Dog House.....guess what they serve? Best hot dogs in a little tiny, yes everyone can overhear what you are saying cuz you're so close together, diner, hole in the wall, tiny eating establishment. It was super and the grands loved it. It will be a return adventure for sure.


  1. ~what a fun way to kick off the beginning of school...and hot dogs...ooohhh you are talking right up my alley! enjoy your peace that is to come...warm wishes and brightest blessings~

  2. Looks like a wonderful outing and I can't help myself, but I still love hod dogs even though they are probably on the bottom of the health-o-meter...that is a very nice place to spend an afternoon. Lovely photos!

  3. The kids are adorable and the outing sounds perfect. I love a good hotdog and now I think that is what I will have for lunch today.

  4. I love that you're finding adventures in your own town. What a great pre-school send off for the kids!

  5. What a great place to live! Looks so peaceful.


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