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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

We have a new puppy...........

I posted about the pup on my other blog OBnSS. Needless to say, I did not plan to add a dog into the house again anytime soon. But life is not always planned, yes?

I have to say that the last thing on my mind, if I were to have been contemplating a dog, would be an "almost dog". The size difference between a St. Bernard puppy and this little bit of dog that is now terrorizing our hearts is huge-anormous.

It was a very quick, kinda thing. A friend came home from liquidating her Father's estate in New York and found this less than 2 pound, 3 1/2 month old pup wandering around her Diesel (these are big trucks, people) repair business garage. She had no idea how long the puppy had been there and at first didn't know who had brought her. Turns out it was one of her mechanics who lives on the Navajo reservation just west of ABQ.

My friend is a wonderfully kind, animal person, who like us loves St. Bernards. Her two saints are just wonderful beasties, like mine were and Bogart and Penelope were my beasties BDF's( Best Dog Friends). She is constantly getting strays brought to her and most times she is able to place them with good people and good homes.

My friend helped me grieve the loss of my giant fur babies and hasn't ask me to adopt because she knew I was still raw...however...something about this little, tiny Shih Tzu/Yorkie fur baby told her to call. This puppy, or should I introduce you to Ms. Ellie Mae Scootles of the Cibola County Scootles, fresh off the rez, just captured me with one look. Button nose, buggie eyes, wild terrier hair and those ears, oh my stars, she speaks to my soul. She was born on the day my sweet Willow departed this reality. Could it be she came back to rescue me and love me again? I truly think so. Even if I am romanticizing the whole song and dance, she is needless to say, a keeper. I am as they say, over the moon.

The kids love her, she almost beats herself to death with her tail when they come into view. The other dog loves her and is showing a great deal of restraint in the amount of force when he plays with her (which was within moments, he missed the big W too). The cat hates her and that's as I suspected, cuz the cat if he had a tail would be a ringed tailed tooter. The Sweet Man as I suspected couldn't say no to her either, and he and Ry named her Ellie for the lady in Up because that Ellie Fredrickson was a gritty, cute, funny, adventurer, with a very sweet nature....yep so far that's our Ellie too.

Now could someone explain to Shel and GK that adventurer's are not divas and don't need pink dresses and carrying cases....no?, me either.


  1. She is precious. I knew the Sweet Man couldn't refuse a face like that.

  2. Awww bless she is adorable :) how could anyone resist her, seems she was meant for you x x x

  3. Oh, how adorable is adventurous miss Ellie? I loves her little self to pieces. If she hadn't managed to melt SM's heart, I'd worry he was made of stone! ;)

    You tell those girls of yours that pink and purses make adventuring difficult! How is she going to go explore if she's stuffed in a bag? :P

  4. Oh my gosh how sweet!! I'm a sucker for lost four legged souls myself and in fact the last one who was left behind in a cardboard box in a Walmart parking lot and adopted us looks very similar to your Ellie Mae! I have never figured out what he has in him though.

  5. What a cutie and as a lover of terriers, I think you have a winner.
    Sounds like an adoption that was just meant to be.
    Enjoy that bundle of energy.

  6. Hi Linda! I couldn't figure out how to write you but wanted to pop over again and thank you for your sweet comment today. And thanks for voting for my burger!

  7. What a sweet heart...your little girl seems enchanted with her too. I love that photo of them both! I'm so glad you took her in. What a sweety pie...

  8. Hope you enjoy MANY happy days together. So cute! XO

  9. Awww Ellie Mae is absolutely adorable!

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  11. Patches Mae thinks Ellie Mae is an absolutely perfect name for a puppy! So glad SM decided to gracefully accept the newest member of the family in the name of peace, tranquility and just because that little gal is so d*mned cute!

    I for one would be willing to look at pictures of the newest member of the tribe anytime you feel like posting them.

    word vert: smograd. I'm smograd Ellie Mae has entered your lives--she's a keeper! (Score!)

  12. I am a Saint Bernard and Newf mom, but even I would not have been able to say no to that sweet baby.

  13. Awww, such a cutie! Glad you took her in.


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