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Sunday, July 11, 2010

I shan't be but a week..................

Hey my darling lovelies......it's garage sale time. So instead of looking at all your recipes, entering your giveaways, crying, laughing and sharing the blogosphere with you....I'm gonna be putting my head down and concentrate on only the sorting of junque.
I'll be back with tales of the doings and pictures of my mountainous piles of crapee that I have sold or given away. Wish me luck, I'm going in for the kill sale.
See ya the week of the 18th....oh gawd......it'll be mid July then, says The Olde Bagg


  1. Good luck with your sale! I love going out early weekend mornings to see what treasures others have waiting for me, if I were closer I'd certainly sort through you junque pile. :D

  2. Have fun and make lots of money!

  3. That's what I need to do - some serious sorting and eliminiating things I don't use.

    By the way, I love your spelling techniques ;-)

  4. Ohh have fun :) i love a good boot sale xxx

  5. Sell lots of crappe! And keep your cool when folks want to give you a quarter for an item marked $5. In a bad moment I've told people I'm not the Goodwill store (hey, it was my mother's estate sale--I wasn't myself--much!)

    word vert; resphi. Be sure to get lots of resphi-tween now and the garage sale. Half a point?

  6. ~happy selling...i have been putting this off for the last couple of years...long overdue! may it be a prosperous adventure and lighting of loads...sending warm wishes and brightest blessings~

  7. Oh I so need to do this but where to begin is my dilemma?! I have been living in this house now upwards of I guess about 15 years now, so you can only imagine the accumulation. It is just too tiring to think about.

    Hope you draw in lots of cash from your sale!!

  8. Hope things go well with the sale.
    I am an avid junker, always looking for that deal.
    My feelings are not hurt when a seller counter offers or tells me that if I buy more stuff she'll be more flexible on the prices.

  9. Hola Amiga,

    Soy to amiga wishing you a good weekend. Thanks for your kind words. Hope the garage sale was good.


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