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Friday, May 21, 2010

A trip to the doctors office......

This is a post for informational purposes, not anything else. I have to say thanks to all of you for your well wishes for my surgery situation. I told you all I had an appointment with a PA (since my primary care physician took a hike). I was going because I thought I had a sinus infection. I also thought I would get a script for antibiotics and call it good. Nope.

Seems as though I have pneumonia in one lung, I am on medication I hoped I would never have to take because I watched my Mother who had COPD go back and forth with anitbiotics, steroids, inhalers blah, blah, blah. So I am more than slightly annoyed with me. How could I not know I had something more than a sinus infection? What am I Mrs. Oblivious of 2010?

Yeah, I've been tired but no more than usual. I kept thingking that my allergies were the cause for the technicolor nose blow and the stopped up ears and the cough at night when I would lay down. I've got until Wednesday of next week to take these meds and be back at the PA to be checked out. No improvement, I get a trip to the hospital. No I don't. I'm gonna be well. Power of positive thinking, your well wishes and a side order of behave myself and I am gonna be fine.

Damn. I hate, hate, hate being stupid, even more I hate being sick.


  1. Sometimes we can't see the warning signs because we are so used to be able to keep going and doing everything....but now that you know please take it easy my friend. I hope you don't have to go stay in the hospital. Take care, and I am thinking about you....all nice things too.hugs.

  2. Linda, take care and I will keep sending healing prayers and thoughts your way. Drink lots of chicken broth.

  3. Linda your not stupid and if you lay claim to the title mrs oblivious, i am..mrs bury her head in the sand!!! Im so sorry i didnt know you were ill,many good thoughts coming your way...wish i could have sent them sooner!

  4. Well if you're stupid then so am I. Back in the Fall I went to the doc with what I thought was routine asthma issues and it turned out I had pneumonia. I was down and out for over 2 months with that nastiness.

    Rest, drink drink drink and be gentle with yourself.

  5. Dang girl, do what you have to so you can stay home. Don't feel badly about not knowing for people are always coming down with a "walking pneumonia" and don't know it. I am also guilty of blaming allergies for about everything.
    You need to find a doctor you like personally so you will go when you need to.
    Got you in my prayers for a quick heal.

  6. See there, I knew you sweet angels would send me get well wishes and thoughts. I will follow you direction and drink lots of water and be good to me. Last night the family and I remembered Jim Henson (we are a muppet a holic bunch) and the fact that he died from untreated pneumonia. I shall be good. I need to see SM retire and get to do fun things, Shelley be happy and the grands give the world the special gifts they came to give. I forget sometimes that I am not 30 and able to do it all, but rather 60 and need to watch for pitfalls. XXOO to all you angels.

  7. Hey Lady, been out of the loop for a bit...got all that caca going on and attorney stuff. But you poor baby...I'm so sorry about what's going on in your lung. I had it before, many years ago in my previous life and it was no fun.

    Like you, I too hate being sick. I had to write a paper in my senior year in high school about 2 pet peeves...toy French poodles and being sick...I'm over the poodle thing, but still hate going down.

    Take care of yourself and I'll let Homer know (my name for God) that he's got some work over at Linda's place. I'll also give
    St. Jude a buzz.

    Love you, my dear amiga,

  8. OMG you have what we used to call Walking Pneumonia! Meaning you were up and walking and didn't even know you were too sick to be doing that!!! Honey, people are walking around with that and then they just tump over, and it's very serious at that point! So do whatever you are supposed to do!!! Take everything they say to take, just this once!!!

  9. Golly, I guess I haven't been paying attention here online--yuck to the pneumonia. But yay for you for going to the doctor. It's all too easy to blame allergies, pollen, dust from all the wind, etc. on our sinus crap. Glad you are working to make it right for yourself--sending good thoughts and a little Reiki your way.

    word vert; pashe Hope the antibiotics pashe that infection right out of your body. Yeah, I know, not my best effort.

  10. Linda - take care of yourself...lots of chicken soup...check out what herbs you should be taking...fight that lung crud...you can do it...lots of healing thoughts...


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