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Thursday, May 20, 2010

A brand new thought......

To any of you who are, related to, love or are close to a physcian...please accept my apologies ahead of time. "I am who I am and that's all that I am", Popeye, the Sailorman. toot toot.

I hate doctors, I hate doctors offices, I hate hospitals, I hate waiting rooms. I am a big baby. I avoid going to the doctor, any doctor, like the plague. I will be on death's door before I go to the doctor. You know those pain value things they ask you when you have an injury. I think a visit to the doctor is a constant 10 pain. So there.

I fell (oh like this is something new) June 5, 2008 going across the street to play cards with the neighbor kids. Screwed up my new knee replacement and broke my left wrist. I went to the emergency room 9 hours after I fell, don't want to rush these things....I mean it may have healed all on it's own in that length of time. Only it swelled up and was an ugly color and hurt like fire. They looked at the xrays they took. Said I had a fracture on the wrist and at the base of my blah, blah, blah. Okay says I do I need a cast or splint? Nah, just go see your doctor if you aren't feeling any better in a couple of days. Here's a prescription for DRUGS. I don't do DRUGS so we came home and I put my wrist into a wrist splint I had from my carpal tunnel surgery and called it good.

6 months later a small soft tissue thingie started growing on my right pointer finger on the second knuckle. At the same time another growth started over the place where my blah, blah, blah had been injured on my left hand AND another soft rubbery thingie started up on my pulse point on my right hand. Hmmmmmm, at the same time I developed arthritis, my diagnosis not theirs, in my right hand mostly in the fingers.

Today I went to a hand specialist because I can no longer tolerate the pain I experience when doing anything that I hold as fun. No paintbrush, crochet hook, glue gun, pencil or type.....well you get it. All I do as an artist and blogger is compromised by these things growing on my hands.

I have never spent as much time with a physician who answered every question with human speak. Gave me what her learned opinion was and then left it up to me to decide what I would do about it. She indicated that I had arthritis in both my hands and wrists. I was in doctor shock. And then we scheduled my hand surgery and I am in a quandry....well it's better than being in jail, or deep do do or alot of other places I can think of. So email me in Quandry in care of PO Box Arthitis in my hands, cuz it's where I am.


  1. Oh I am so sorry Linda,,,so are you having surgery on your hand? I have had bad doctors and good doctors...what I don't like are doctors that work for insurance companies. I had an awful experience which I will post about some day. Is there anything else you can do for arthritis, I know warmth is supposed to help....I hope it is not so painful. Linda you left a comment saying you left me an award, I looked but I don't see a thing....maybe I need to see a doctor. lol. be well my friend. take care.

  2. Ah, man, I'm sorry about that. I don't have arthritis in my hands...although I am bothered with carpal tunnel at times. I do have arthritis in my back, though, from much the same reason as you. I fell backwards while fishing and was in severe pain. It was a small hospital and they didn't pick up that I had a slight fracture of the lower spine. You guessed it. Many years later I have arthritis.

  3. I am so sorry you are in such pain and also in a quandry. Neither is a fun place to be.
    I would probably seek a second opinion but that is just me. I do like your doctors attitude of not pressuring you. I would check out the success rate of the surgery she is prescribing and her track record.
    Good luck lady.

  4. I will pray the surgery goes well and you are back to enjoying the things you love real soon. So far my hands are okay, it is my feet that have arthritis, but I can deal with that most days.

  5. Oh Linda...I'm sorry that you are going through this...I also am very down on the medical society...too much guessing; not enough acknowledgment of guessing...anyway, sending you positive energy to help you decide what to want to do...


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