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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Yesterday was hard.........

Hi all. With the giveaway on OBnSS I haven't taken the time to get back here and exhale. That's what this blog feels like to me. A place to exhale and let my hair down.

As most of you know, because of the work schedules of the other adults in the house, I get the car only on Tuesdays. Really it is as much my choice as theirs. It is getting harder and harder to get around with my arthritis in my hips. I know you know some days good, some days tolerable, then some days.....just let me alone.

Since I was out running around yesterday for the kids, I am in today. Funny how when one persons schedule is changed everyone else around here is affected. It's like the proverbial house of cards. Shel had to work on her day off because a co-worker had exploratory surgery and now has some follow up care. That meant that I needed to be available to take the kids to therapy. Easier said than done, trust me. Lots of walking up and down inclines at schools. Have to go sign them out at the office, then to the classroom to fetch them, then on to the therapists office. The kids go to different schools so I started the journey at 11:15 and was through at 2:45. That's picking up, lunch for one, pick up the other, therapy, take one back to school, go to the office to sign them in and back to the classroom to drop them off, back to the car and so the other got to play hooky for the rest of the afternoon. I was wiped out.

I restate this every few weeks, I know why younger people have kids and older people have grandkids. Most times grandkids means sometimes....we are all the time. I know they are the reason I can still get around on most days. Huzzah for the little motivators.

A couple of weeks ago we went to the park to play frisbee with them. Ry says, after about an hour of playing, "hey Oma, you need to settle down now and rest or we won't be able to get you home". Damn. I was served with that info.

They take really good care of me...and they also make me nutz...the two sided coin.

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  1. Linda, I feel your pain, literally I do. My arthritis is really acting up today. We went to the beach to mow lawn Sunday afternoon and home today - the 4 hour drive is a killer anymore.

  2. I do know how you feel.
    Have you tried Glucosamine Chondroitin soft chews? I have bad hips and while it takes a month of taking them to get relief and a life time commitment, I have been pain free for the past 8 years. They taste pretty good also.

  3. Greetings Linda...The Grands will keep us going, but sometimes it seems like a lot of work...Hope today is one of the good ones...

  4. Ay Linda (putting on my best beaner accent) my poor mija!!! Years ago in a galaxy far away, when I was in high school...many galaxies far away, I was into the poet, Rod Mckuen. One of his poems, "Listen to the Warm" or something like that, he said feeling pain meant you were alive. "Oh wow, far out, bitchin'" I thought, but back then I had no pain except occasionally my brother who was a royal pain you-know-where!!

    Well, I'd like to take issue with Mr. McKuen now, if he's still alive. Pain hell, alive hell...I think we're too alive at this point in our lives!!

    So take care, my amiga, and "watchala youself!" Let me know when you're up to another bitch session. Had one yesterday with my buddy, Anne in IN. We ended up almost snorting liquid out of our noses we laughed so hard...we all need to do that now and then...laugh, not snort!!

    Love ya muchacha and B&G,


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