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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Too many seated activities....

Perhaps, on this blog, I have not told you that the inhabitants of this home are true believers in the fae....fairies, faeries, faery folk, of all manner and denomination.

Since I have quiet activities to partake in at this time, sorta like being on house arrest when everyone turns and says...."what are you doing up"? Uuuuuuh nothin', says I. I decided that I would pluck my eyebrows. Ick. Ugh. Blech. I hate looking in the mirror, always have. I'm not all that bad looking according to the people who lie to me because they love me care about me but I just don't do it very often. Huh? How does she get dressed and comb her hair and/or does she? I just overlook me.

In doing my eyebrows I saw some additional age spots starting to invade my face. But I had a chuckle. Now comes the part about the fae. My granddaughter, chief fairy believer extraordinare, has always believed that freckles are fairy kisses. She has freckles, her Mom has freckles, Papa has freckles and her brother has tiny little almost nonexistant freckles on his cheeks. I have had and not liked my freckles ever since I was a child but she has changed my mind. Freckles are great because they show that the fae care enough about you to sneak in the house and kiss you. Very special indeed.

So as I am looking at this freckle laden, age spot infested mess, I had a thought...age spots must be a passport without question to the other side, over the rainbow bridge to paradise. GK assured me that that was clear thinking on the matter. So, it's a good thing I am restricted to less active persuits or I sure would have missed an excellent lesson in life. And a good chuckle at myself.


  1. I love that. My back is loaded with freckles and now I have something good to say about my age spots. I don't like looking in the mirror either so when I'm getting ready for work, I am in and out very quickly.

  2. I like the idea of fairy kisses, age spots are another story altogether.

  3. I like your girl's theory about freckles... It makes me smile! And you're adorable, Linda. And I loved this post.

    Kisses and love from us.

  4. I have hordes of freckles. And now the age spots are battling them to turn my whole self into a mottled mess that looks more like I might be the victim of fairy kicks, not kisses...lol...

  5. ~that is what i have always said to mine...sweet kisses...a reminder they have been around for a visit! blessed are you to have SO MUCH l♥ve from them!! warm wishes and brightest blessings~

  6. Love that about freckles. Used to have them as a child but now I think I will rename my age spots freckles. Good idea.

  7. I too hate looking in the mirror...blegh!!! But let's face it (no pun intended) it's a necessary evil or else we'll have eye brow bushes and chin whiskers long and sharp enough to counter attack any unwelcome affection!!! LOL I used to have beautiful eyebrows, but they've drooped down to my chin now!! I do like the idea I rarely have to shave my legs anymore since the hair is almost non-existent...again, they made their ascent to my chin!! As for age spots on the face, but these little bubble spots...maybe it's skin cancer...don't know, but they haven't changed in size or colour. Have one major spot age spot on my a lower arm but it's compatible with all those hot glue gun, love scratches from various doggies in my life, and other scars that tell the story of my life...I'm a klutz!!

    Ok, enough of that...you better be taking care of yourself, lady, or I will personally go up there (only 4 hours from here) and tie your gazorny down to the bed!!

    Love ya mucho,

  8. Que cute freckles are fairy kisses. Im getting a white streak in the middle of my bangs. I look like a skunk. Rock my skunk world Father time! Its a sign of wisdom our crown of glory. Time to soak my head in organic black tea. None of that hair dye, Im too loca to get more loca. I agree with you we are lucky to live here. I couldn't imagine living anywhere else either. The garden is going and the weeds are really going. Sadly I have not noticed any fruit. I will check out the other Linda's blog. Sounds interesting! Enjoy the week ahead. Asta La bye bye for now mi amiga.

  9. My eye brows and lashes have just about disappeared...jowls starting to show up...aaahhh!!!

  10. Hi Linda, thank you for visiting my Blog and becoming a friend :0) I absolutely love the idea of freckles being fairy kisses, but since I have olive skin I will have to imagine the fairies show their affection for me in other ways! Lately I have been hating to look in the mirror too. My daughter laughs when she hears me moaning and complaining. I tell her, just you wait! your turn will come and you will understand what your mother had been trying to say =) in any case, I try to remind myself there are more important things than having a firm butt/boobs/jowls etc., etc., this thought is comforting...sometimes... Thank you, and thank you everyone for making me smile!


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