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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Time is on our side, yes it is............

Or so sang Mick Jaggar and the Rolling Stones.

It has been two weeks since I said goodbye to Ms. Willow. After the initial shock and pain and guilt, I have had time to reflect on the fact that she is at peace and not suffering and not being confused or drugged or lapsing into horrible contortion making seizures.

I feel blessed and at peace. I still miss her hairy, slobbery self, but I am at peace. I did what had to be done and it was the right thing at the right time for her sweetness and me. Now I don't have to worry about trying to wake up midway through the night to clean up an ocean of pee or see her sad face at what had happened because I know she didn't know what was happening. This feels right.

Now for all of you who have new puppies, darling dogs and older furbabies, I am not however in a place to be able to join in your joy at this moment. I will be there someday, but for now, I shall guard my heart.

Some of my friends have suggested getting a new pet. My answer is no thank you. I have Sunny Bunny the Boo Boo head kitty who is now in the process of making friends with Shelley's coyote spawn dog, Odin. They are enjoying scoping each other out at this point. Both are testing the waters of cohabitation. Doing the chase and run thing right now. They sort of trade off as to who is doing the chasing and who is running away.

And besides, I only have to wait for about 5 weeks until the turtles will be stomping around the fairy garden demanding food. I will have more of an opportunity to look for babies and construction a better habitat for the tiny ones.

So no more furbabies for awhile. I need to heal and get myself in a better place mentally and certainly need to be in a better situation to afford to provide the best for those creatures in my care before adding any more.


  1. You'll know if and when it's time for another furbaby. However, just keep in mind that by getting another furbaby, you are not replacing Willow...she can never be replaced, but giving a home to another animal in need. In my years of adulthood I've lost 3 boxers to cancer and after the first died I felt like by getting another I would be "replacing" Max. Then I thought a bit more about it and realized there are so many dogs in shelters and rescues needing homes that we adopted again and again in each previous dog's honor.

    Best to you in this time of mourning.

  2. ~it seems as the days go by your heart and mind are getting the ease needed, the acceptance that was needed to realize yes you did do what was right...never easy for anyone...i respect your heart needs time to heal...reguardless if you do or do not get another...your life does seem filled with many others to bring joy to your days...your heart is gold and i can hardley wait for the turtles...much l♥ve and brightest blessings~

  3. Oh, Linda, I do know how you feel. It is so hard and many do not understand. I am trying hard to prepare myself as my cat will be 18 in July. Even thinking about it makes me cry.

  4. Yes, you must mourn and heal first...Linkydog was in our freezer for a long time before we could move on...be patient with yourself...

  5. Such a beautiful picture of Willow, such a sweet face.

  6. I hear ya, amiga. When my sweet Belgian Shepard, Charro, passed away from a tumor in her heart at the vets office, I was so incredibly sad. She died alone in a cage over night and it tore me up. Three weeks later, my incredibly stupid and insensitive ex decided we we needed a new dog. I told him my precious Charro's ashes weren't even cold yet and he wanted to replace her, well, that's how he is anyway with wives, so what's the difference!! LOL

    He went to this house in Santa Theresa, NM and there all these Australian Shepards. The kids picked one of the puppies out and they named him Merle. I never could quite develop an attachment to him, no fault of his own, he as a nice dog, but I felt like such a traitor to my Charro, hence, no great affection for that big furry beast.

    So I say "NO" to getting another dog right now...not a good idea and glad you see that way. It wouldn't be fair to you or that other pet that is supposed to replace Willow...that can never happen and you know that.

    Take care and still praying for you and your loss.

    Love ya, B&G,

  7. Oh what a face, I am so sorry about your dog. Linda thankyou so much for the award, that was very kind of you. AND congratulations on you recieving it. I hope you have a great weekend. the sun is shining here and we are on our way outside to sit in the sun. Just wanted to see how you were doing first. take care.

  8. I think you're right, Linda. A step at a time. How precious that you have these babies to take care of! Willow will never be forgotten, but as you said, you did your best, and she's at peace now, surrounded by the love you gave her.
    Can't wait to see more photos of these tiny turtles growing up! :o)

    Kisses from us.

  9. oh no linda....i am sooo sorry about willow. i don't know how this pasted under my radar. it is so tough to lose these wonderful beings. i think we all handle it differently. i couldn't wait to get another chow after freddy died and it took 3 months to get teddy. the day i got her my heart was heeled! putting them out of their misery is so difficult but always the right thing to do. my heart and thoughts are with you!

  10. I am sorry for the loss of Willow. Somehow, like Jaz, I missed this too. Sometimes the right thing to do hurts the most and I'm glad that you were able to send your lovely friend to rest. She'll be with Mister Murphy romping in the fields and having a grand old time now.

    As for a new furbaby, you'll know when it's time. For now you had better keep me posted on those baby (box?) turtles! They are just too darn cute. I almost adopted a baby turtle this past weekend but he ended up being a desert tortoise and I doubt my apartment would be a happy habitat for a turtle that will end up being over 2 feet long!


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